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Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences

Associate Dean's Message - December 17, 2018

Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Take time to enjoy the holidays. Relax and recharge and enjoy your family and friends.
Sackler Building

As we near the end of the Fall term, we are all looking forward to a nice break. This is a great opportunity to relax and recharge. Spend the time reading a book, going to a movie or, maybe most importantly, spend quality time with family and friends. Enjoy the holiday season however you may celebrate and Happy New Year!

The 10 day holiday break gives students the opportunity to step away from their studies and the lab to relax and recharge. No need to worry about coming in early, staying late, managing experiments or studying for exams. This is also a great time to look inward and do a bit of a self-evaluation. Time to take a personal mental health test.

  • How are you feeling about your studies and work?
  • How stressed are you?
  • What do you do to manage stress and anxiety?
  • What can you change to minimize stress and be more productive? .

For a bit more detail, take this quick self-assessment.

The topic of graduate student mental health has received a lot of press lately. While there is no magic bullet to address the issue, the wealth of information can help students understand how to manage, cope and address issues they may be facing or feelings they may be having, and most importantly, that they are not alone.

Find more resources here.

Dan Volchok, Associate Dean