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Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences

Dean's Message - October 29, 2018

Monday, October 29, 2018
Leadership is an important skill for everyone's career but leadership styles vary. Work to find the opportunities that serve and align with your skills.
Jaharis Building in the spring

Dear Sackler Community,

As an important aspect of training to career excellence, leadership is a critical skill that we all should work to develop. We view leaders as they are portrayed in films and books, stereotypically wielding power and making commands. Many of us don’t fit this mold and leadership comes in many forms. While the strong and self-assured commander is one form of leader, the listener and consensus maker can often be more effective. I believe the goal is to get buy-in and support behind a cause that you all believe in, whether it is meeting a job deadline or changing policy or winning a World Series (Congrats, Alex Cora).

In developing your own leadership skills, try to align them with your own inherent personality. I also think that genuine intention and dedication speaks to those who would follow you and may be as important as anything else in team building. In a discussion the other day, I mentioned that I was the president of our student council during high school and the other discussant asked if I was always a leader. In fact, for many years, I declined opportunities for leadership, but I said to her that I learned very early that leadership was not about power but about service. For me, I only accepted leadership once I found a mission that I believed in and thought that I could get others to follow. In this manner, I became your dean.

I hope that you will work with me to realize our shared mission of making our Sackler programs into a distinctive new direction for graduate biomedical education and see yourself as leaders in this enterprise.

Daniel Jay, Dean