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Sackler Workshops

Sackler students at a workshop

The Sackler Dean's Office sponsors a number of career and professional development workshops that are designed to provide students with tools needed to explore multiple career paths and be prepared to enter the next phase of their professional lives upon graduation.

The Dean's office works actively with students to provide workshops in areas of highest interest. New workshops are added each year as interests evolve.

Examples of workshops and training sessions offered in the current academic year include:

  • Navigating the Corporate Environment - four evening sessions
  • Communication Skills Workshop
  • Introduction to Drug Development
  • Career Coaching Workshop

Most workshops require pre-registration and some have a small fee. Watch the Sackler Calendar for dates and details.

The Sackler School also partners with industry to offer internships so that students can explore diverse settings first hand. Application is required for these opportunities.

Presenter and audience at an event

Sackler Calendar

Sackler sponsors many seminars and workshops. Check the calendar for information.