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Non-Degree Coursework

Student working in the labSome didactic courses offered by the Sackler School are open to individuals who are not currently enrolled in a Sackler degree or certificate program. Non-degree coursework is available to employees of Tufts University, graduates of the Sackler School or other Tufts schools, and non-Tufts affiliated individuals.

There is no limit to the number of courses any individual may take; however, those who are subsequently admitted to a Sackler School degree program may only count up to two Sackler courses that were taken toward their degrees. Thus, it is recommended that those interested in seeking a degree apply for admission and matriculate before registering for a third course.

A list of course offerings is available on SIS.


Required Application Documents

Application Form

Individuals who wish to enroll for non-degree coursework must complete an application through the online Admission portal. The degree is Non-Degree; the Program is Non-degree Coursework. There is no application fee, but a separate application must be completed each term an individual plans on taking non-degree coursework.

Degree Verification

Documentation that the applicant has obtained at least a Bachelor's degree (scan of an official transcript, diploma, medical license, etc.) must be uploaded through the online application portal.

Permission of Instructor

Documentation of the Course Director's permission to enroll in the class must be uploaded with the application. Typically this takes the form of an e-mail.

Immunization Requirements

Students accepted to the Sackler School must provide documentation that they meet Commonwealth of Massachusetts immunization requirements to the Student Advisory and Health Administration (SAHA) Office. The current immunization requirements are available at the Student Advisory & Health Administration website. Non-compliance will result in cancellation of enrollment. If you have any questions about the requirements please call SAHA at 617-636-2700 or email Lucia Fenney, Immunization Administrator.

Application Deadline

The deadline for submitting all required materials is two weeks before the start of the class.


Payments are made through Tufts SIS. Individuals who are taking classes will receive credentials that allow access to the student balance information and the payment portal though SIS. Note that individuals planning to use their Tufts Tuition Remission benefits must file the appropriate tuition exemption form with Dowling Hall in addition to completing the online application process. Payment must be received by the due date listed on the e-bill; unpaid bills will result in cancellation of registration.

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Health Science Campus

The Health Sciences Campus is home to Sackler, the Schools of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Nutrition, Tufts Medical Center and several research institutes.

Tufts Medical Center


The Tufts Clinical Translational Science Institute attacks problems in health-related research.