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IRACDA Programs

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TEACRS is one of twenty-two programs funded by the IRACDA program of National Institute of General Medical Sciences. The IRACDA (Institutional Research Career and Academic Development Award) program is intended to prepare the academic biomedical scientists of the future.

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By providing strong research training, coupled with career development activities that include mentored teaching, trainees are well-positioned for success in their first academic positions. Because teaching is performed at minority-serving institutions, the programs will also increase links between research institutions and minority serving undergraduate schools and hopefully inspire young students from all backgrounds to pursue careers in biomedical research.

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Albert Einstein College of Medicine - BETTR

Baylor College of Medicine - HEART

Emory University - FIRST

Rutgers University - INSPIRE

Stanford University - IRACDA Program

Stony Brook University - NYCAP

Tufts University - TEACRS

University of Alabama at Birmingham - MERIT

University of Arizona - PERT

University of California, Los Angeles - UPLIFT

University of California, San Diego - Professors for the Future

University of California, San Francisco - Scholars in Science

University of Kansas - IRACDA Program

University of New Mexico - ASERT

University of Michigan - IRACDA Program

University of North Carolina - SPIRE

University of Pennsylvania - PENN-PORT

University of Rochester - IRACDA Program

University of Texas - Austin - CORE

University of Texas - San Antonio - SABER

Virginia Commonwealth University - VCU IRACDA

Wake Forest University - PRIME

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TEACRS Career Outcomes

Over 80% of our scholars have transitioned directly to academic positions in the US; over 70% have taken tenure-track positions. Learn more about TEACRS alumni.