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Micro Program Statistics

working in the lab

To help applicants and others interested in the Molecular Microbiology program, we provide information on the outcomes of trainees who have enrolled in our program.

The information below is based on students who matriculated into the program from 2000 onward.

Information on the careers of individual alumni can be found here.

 Completion Information for Microbiology PhD Trainees Entering 2000-present
  Number Percent
Trainees Entering 100  
Trainees Obtaining PhD 59 86.8
Trainees Obtaining MS 2 2.9
Trainees Obtaining Any Degree 61 89.7
Trainees Withdrawing with No Degree 7 10.3
Trainees Still Enrolled* 32  
Average Years to PhD 6.07  

*These individuals entered training in 2012 or thereafter and are still pursuing their training.