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Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences
candida albicans
Kumamoto lab probes the effects of fats on fungi in the gut
dulla ketogenic diet
A drug mimic of the ketogenic diet improves brain function in mice after TBI.
image of brain
Sackler faculty member Klaus Miczek attacks addiction.
data from research paper on Katrina
Heart disease hospitalizations spike after hurricane.
Mouse model reveals how neural connections lock plasticity in place.
E coli
Food-borne pathogen does not require virus replication for disease.
HIV interacting with cells
James Munro and collaborators from the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre and the University of Melbourne visualize HIV envelope dynamics.
3D brain culture
The new model will allow study of several neurologic disorders.
differentiating horizontal basal stem cells
Reconstructing sensory nerve and tissue structure in the nose
cholera contaminated water
Micro program faculty member Andy Camilli and Sackler alum Minmin Yen explore the use of bacteriophage to control cholera.
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