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Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences
differentiating horizontal basal stem cells
Reconstructing sensory nerve and tissue structure in the nose
image of brain
Sackler faculty member Klaus Miczek attacks addiction.
breast cancer microenvironment
Role of Slug in breast cell function elucidated.
plate with yeast
New insights into mechanisms of DNA repair uncovered.
fat cells
The ACLS4 gene is associated with Type 2 Diabetes and obesity.
candida albicans
Kumamoto lab probes the effects of fats on fungi in the gut
Mouse model reveals how neural connections lock plasticity in place.
gene expression in brain
A team from the Jackson lab has identified a gene regulating sleep in drosophila
dulla ketogenic diet
A drug mimic of the ketogenic diet improves brain function in mice after TBI.
osteosarcoma cells
Sackler student Heather Gardner, DVM and Cheryl London and colleagues reveal genetic features of canine osteosarcoma.
cholera contaminated water
Micro program faculty member Andy Camilli and Sackler alum Minmin Yen explore the use of bacteriophage to control cholera.
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