Sackler Student Enrichment Fund Recipients

Students may apply for assistance to participate in scientific meetings, additional courses, career and networking seminars, and research/technical skills workshops in both the fall and the spring semesters. Funds come from the Provost's Office, the Sackler Dean’s Office, and the Student Enrichment Fund. Recipients are selected by the Sackler School Awards Committee and are based on information provided by students in their applications. Recent recipients who were supported are listed below.





Graduate Program

Thesis Mentor

Spring 2016 Andrea Koenigsberg Molecular Microbiology Katya Heldwein, PhD
Spring 2016 Melissa LaBonty Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology Pam Yelick, PhD
Spring 2016 Jennifer Shih
Chris Dulla, PhD
Fall 2016
Jessica Davis-Knowlton Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology Lucy Liaw, PhD
Fall 2016
Jaclyn Dunphy Neuroscience Philip Hayden, PhD
Fall 2016
Alexander Fine Genetics - JAX Track Gregory Carter, PhD
Fall 2016
Molly Hodul Neuroscience Peter Juo, PhD
Fall 2016
Jenny Koenig MD/PhD, Neuroscience Chris Dulla, PhD
Fall 2016
Cho Low Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology Dong Kong, PhD
Fall 2016
Meagan Montesion Genetics John Coffin, PhD
Fall 2016
Elizabeth Moss MD/PhD, Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology Iris Jaffe, MD, PhD
Fall 2016 James Schiemer Cellular & Molecular Physiology Athar Chishti, PhD
Fall 2016 Vanessa Yanez Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology Rajendra Kumar-Singh, PhD
Fall 2016 Julia Yelick Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology Yongjie Yang, PhD

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