Sackler Student Enrichment Fund Recipients

Students may apply for assistance to participate in scientific meetings, additional courses, career and networking seminars, and research/technical skills workshops in both the fall and the spring semesters. Funds come from the Provost's Office, the Sackler Dean’s Office, and the Student Enrichment Fund. Recipients are selected by the Sackler School Awards Committee and are based on information provided by students in their applications. Recent recipients who were supported are listed below.





Graduate Program

Thesis Mentor

Spring 2017 Haifa Almukadi Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics Athar Chishti, PhD
Spring 2017 Patrick Davis Neuroscience & MD, PhD Leon Reijmers, PhD
Spring 2017 David Dickson Neuroscience & MD, PhD
Larry Feig, PhD
Spring 2017 Vera Guan  Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology  Jim Schwob, MD, PhD 
Spring 2017 JoAnna Leyenaar
Clinical & Translational Science  Peter Lindenaur, MD 
Spring 2017 Michelle Logsdon  Molecular Microbiology  Bree, Aldridge, PhD 
Spring 2017 Anna Nathanson Neuroscience Stephen Moss, PhD
Spring 2017 Sara Roggensack Molecular Microbiology John Leong, MD, PhD
Spring 2017 Tate Tabtieng  Biochemistry  Marta Gaglia, PhD 
Spring 2017 Zachary Williams  Molecular Microbiology  John Coffin, PhD 
Fall 2017
Abdo Abou-Slaybi Immunology Pedram Hamrah, MD
Fall 2017
Roaya Alqurashi Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics Amy Yee, PhD
Fall 2017
Chris Bartolome Neuroscience Dong Kong, PhD
Fall 2017
Andrew Coleman Neuroscience Thomas Biederer, PhD
Fall 2017
Heather Garner Genetics Cheryl London, DVM, PhD
Fall 2017
Amanda Gross Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics Theoharis Theoharides, MD, PhD
Fall 2017
Siobhan McRee Genetics Phil Hinds, PhD
Fall 2017
Njabulo Ngwenyama
Immunology Pilar Alcaide, PhD
Fall 2017 Antonia Pugliese Molecular Microbiology Carol Kumamoto, PhD
Fall 2017 Miriam Ramliden Molecular Microbiology Wai-Leung Ng, PhD

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