Sackler Student Enrichment Fund

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The Sackler School began the Scientific Travel Program in 1996 to support students who are presenting their PhD research at major international and national scientific meetings. Beginning in 2014, the program was renamed the Sackler Student Enrichment Fund and expanded to include funding for career advancement opportunities that lead to professional growth. Examples of these opportunities include additional courses, career and networking seminars, and research/technical skills workshops. Funds for this award come from the Provost's Office, the Sackler Dean’s Office, the Sackler Relays, outside corporations, and private donors.

Award Amount

The funding varies, depending on resources available and on the cost of the meeting, course, seminar or workshop the student plans to attend.


All matriculated Sackler PhD and MD/PhD students are eligible to apply for program funds; Master's students, Special students and Visiting students are not eligible. No more than one student per lab may apply in any application cycle, and a student may receive support only once while enrolled at the Sackler School.

Application Process

Sacker students initiate the application process. The application should include the applicant's name, graduate program, year at the Sackler School, thesis adviser's name, and anticipated graduation date as well as the following information.

  • Area of scientific research
  • Location and date of the event (for Fall applications, meeting needs to be October 1-Apr 30 and for Spring applications April 1-October 31)
  • Budget that includes registration fee, tuition, travel costs, lodging, food, and total funds requested
  • Description of Research - including a statement on the biomedical significance of the research (250 words or less) and your specific role in the research project
  • Letter of support from your thesis adviser
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Names and dates of all previous scientific meetings and educational or career events attended
  • If applying for funds to attend a meeting, submit an Abstract of Research formatted in the traditional way required for submitting authors for scientific meeting of interest. Please indicate whether your abstract has already been submitted or accepted.
  • If applying for funds to attend a course, seminar, workshop, or other educational or career development event, submit a copy of the event announcement and a short essay stating how attendance will benefit your educational or career goals.       

Application Deadlines

For the academic year 2017-18, the Fall application deadline is October 5, 2017 and the Spring application deadline is March 8, 2018.

Selection Criteria

All of the submitted documents are weighed in identifying recipients.

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