2016 Deans Fellows

The Dean's Fellows are selected based on their academic and research accomplishments at the Sackler School.  Four students entering year three of PhD study are selected each year.

2016-2017 Dean's Fellow Recipients


Christopher Bartolome, Neuroscience, Dong Kong, PhD, Adviser




My work focuses on understanding the neural networks that contribute to diabetes and obesity.




Keith Eidell, Immunology, Stephen Bunnell, PhD, Adviser




I am studying the role of integrins in T lymphocyte responses.




Giang Nguyen, Immunology, Joan Mecsas, PhD, Adviser




My research focuses on the molecular mechanisms that control the neutrophil response to bacterial infection.




Surendra Sharma, Biochemistry, Karl Munger, PhD, Adviser




My project seeks to understand the role of non-coding long RNAs in HPV pathogenesis.

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