Charlton Award Recipients

The Charlton Poster Competition is an annual event that brings the entire Health Science campus together. Sackler students who were recognized in this years competition are listed in the table below.

Charlton Poster Competition Awardees: 2016-2017 Academic Year




Graduate Program

Thesis Mentor

Kristin Kotewicz
1st Place, Senior Division Molecular Microbiology
Ralph Isberg, PhD
Elizabeth Hanson
2nd Place, Senior Division Neuroscience Chris Dulla, PhD
Nil Vanli
3rd Place, Senior Division Biochemistry Guo-fu Hu, PhD 
Frank Scangarello
1st Place, Junior Division MD/PhD, Immunology Steve Bunnell, PhD
David Dickson
2nd Place, Junior Division MD/PhD, Neuroscience Larry Feig, PhD
Patrick Davis
3rd Place, Junior Division  MD/PhD, Neuroscience Leon Reijmers, PhD
Uri Bulow
1st Place, Med/Dent/Vet Med Division  MD/PhD, Tufts School of Medicine NA

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