Relays T-Shirts - A Sackler Tradition

relays tshirts

The Sackler Relays are an experience that brings students and faculty together for a day of good fun and healthy competition. A long-standing tradition associated with this event is the relays T-shirts.

In the early years, a school-wide shirt marked the event. Soon this approach was replaced by program-specific T-shirts, often designed by students. Different approaches illustrate the graphic skills and humor of our trainees and perhaps reveal something about the personality of the different programs.

The T-shirt legacy is a proud reflection of the warmness and comaraderie that characterizes the Sackler School.

Some of the T-shirts from previous relays were stitched into the quilt that is shown above on this page by Laura Liscum, PhD, a member of the Cellular & Molecular Physiology, Neuroscience and Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics Graduate Programs.

Additional examples of relays t-shirts can be seen in the Relays T-shirts Slide Show  slideshow

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