SGSC Members

Sackler Graduate Student Council (SGSC) members are chosen by graduate students in each program on an annual basis. The officers of the SGSC are chosen by the members of the group. Daniel Volchok, Associate Dean serves as the Dean's Office Liaison for the group and a Graduate Program Director serves as the Faculty Liaison.

2016-2017 Sackler Graduate Student Council Members


Julia Yelick, President 
Christina McGuire, Vice-President
Cho Low, Treasurer

GSC Members




Graduate Program

Christina McGuire
Kayla Gross, Cho Low, Julia Yelick
Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology
Jaymes Farrell, Kevin Child
Rebecca Silver, Francisco Velazquez
Ila Anand, Stacie Clark
Molecular Microbiology
Molly Hodul, Anna Nathanson
Roaya Alquarashi, Vaughn Youngblood
Ramesh Govindan, Matt Zunitch
MD/PhD Liasons

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