Patrick Davis


Patrick Davis
Home Town
Wyndmoor, PA
Prior Degrees

ScB, Biology
Brown University
Providence, RI

Sackler Program(s)
Neuroscience, MSTP
Thesis Adviser
Leon Reijmers, PhD

What influenced your decision to pursue biomedical research?

I have always loved the inherent curiosity of science, and though I hadn’t exactly formulated the career path at the time, I knew from an early age I’d like to do something scientific in nature. While working in a Neurobiology lab after college, I decided to reconcile that curiosity with a desire to study human health and disease, and thus applied to Tufts MSTP.

How is the environment at Sackler helping you achieve your professional goals?

So far I have found Tufts to be intellectually stimulating, collaborative, fun, and full of opportunities to learn more – all of which I believe will benefit me long-term.

What type of positions are you considering after graduation?

Ideally I hope to practice medicine and hold an academic lab position.

Why did you choose Sackler over other graduate schools?

I love Boston and the Neuroscience Program caught my attention as an excellent program.

What's your favorite way to relax after classes?

I really like Grendel’s Den in Harvard Square and five dollar Dark N’ Stormies and some heated scientific debate.

What's your favorite thing about being in Boston and why?

The walkability and the distinct flavor of each neighborhood. Within a 30-min walk, you can cross several domains, each with it’s own personality and style.

What is your favorite Boston restaurant?

Tie: Franklin Café and Aquitaine

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