Alexandra Taracanova


Alexandra Taracanova
Home Town
Rezina, Moldova
Prior Degrees

BS, Biochemistry
Plattsburgh, NY

Sackler Program(s)
Thesis Adviser
Theoharis Theoharides, MD, PhD

What influenced your decision to pursue biomedical research?

Science has been always something that I was passionate about. After I completed an undergraduate research internship at McGill University in a pharmacology lab, it became clear that I have to pursue biomedical research.

How is the environment at Sackler helping you achieve your professional goals?

Faculty at Sackler are excellent scientists and mentors and give great input and care. Additionally, student organizations such as Tufts Biomedical Business Club and Graduate Student Council are very proactive in hosting Career Seminars, which help students consider all possible career options.

What type of positions are you considering after graduation?

I would like to work in drug development process in pharmaceutical industry.

Why did you choose Sackler over other graduate schools?

Sackler offers are great variety of research laboratories with fascinating topics. Being in Boston is an advantage in terms of collaboration and professional development, too.

What's your favorite way to relax after classes?

I like meeting friends for dinner or catching a new exhibition or movie.

What's your favorite thing about being in Boston and why?

Boston is a cultural city with its own personality. I enjoy visiting Aquarium and the MFA. And Boston has beautiful sunsets.

What is your favorite Boston restaurant?

I am a fan of Italian food, thus North End is like a paradise for me. However, my favorite Italian place is Grotto in Beacon Hill.

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