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The Sackler Office is happy to assist students with their fellowship applications. Students will need to work with their mentors and program directors to prepare the scientific and training sections of the application.

Our staff is experienced in preparing the required application packages. Several months prior to each deadline, students receive an email asking them to contact the office if they plan to apply. Once we know that you plan to apply, we will:

  • Download the application package from;
  • Help you obtain an eRA Commons username with the PI role if you do not already have a user name or the PI designation; 
  • Fill out the all the required administrative items in the application package;
  • Email you for administrative information that is unique to your application (human subjects, animal use, etc) and update the application package with your responses;
  • Complete all needed budget items;
  • Ensure that an ORA pre-review of the application package takes place in a timely fashion;
  • Attach application sections to the application package;
  • Provide the completed application package to you and your mentor for review prior to submission to the ORA;
  • Complete required Internal Sponsored Coordination documents and organize the needed signatures;
  • Forward the completed application to the Office of Research Administration for final review and submission to NIH.

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