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CITI Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Training

Anyone (including students) who submits a federal grant from Tufts University must complete CITI FCOI training. This training is available online and must be completed by both the applicant and the sponsor(s)/co-sponsor(s) prior to submitting the application.  Be sure to allow adequate time to complete this requirement. 

Most faculty will have already completed the training because it is required for all NIH applications. However, FCOI training is only valid for four years so be sure your sponsor's training is up to date. The dates you and your sponsor(s)/co-sponsor(s) completed the training will need to be entered  the Internal Sponsored Coordination form.

Additional information on CITI FCOI Training (see section on Investigator FCOI Training)   info

Internal Forms

To submit a grant from Tufts University, you will have to provide several internal forms to the Office of Research Administration (ORA) at Tufts. The Sackler Office will help you with some of these forms.

Additional information on Tufts' forms  info

Internal Sponsored Coordination Form

This form must be completed for each submitted application. The date that the FCOI training is completed should be entered on this form. This form is very formulaic, and includes budget information, so the Sackler Office will start this form for you about 2 weeks before the due date and send to you for signatures. The Sackler Office will also coordinate sending the signed form to the ORA.

Financial Disclosure Form

This form is required for the student & all sponsor(s)/co-sponsor(s). Many faculty will already have this on file with ORA since it is required for all NIH applications. The Financial Disclosure is valid for one year.

Agreement on Ownership of IP Form

This form must be filled out one time by the student. The original hard copy should be returned to the Office for Technology Licensing and Industry Collaboration as instructed on the form.

If you are sending the form via interoffice mail or dropping off in person, the office is located at 75 Kneeland St, Suite 950.

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