NIH Fellowships - First Steps


Students should discuss the possibility of applying for an NIH fellowship with their advisers early in their training and develop a plan for when to submit an application.  Thesis committees can also provide valuable input on planning the fellowship application.

In some programs, the qualifying exam process can help students begin preparing for submission of a fellowship application. Successful completion of the qualifying exam and bringing the research project to a point where preliminary data are in hand are two highly recommended mileposts to meet prior to submission.

We recommend that you begin to plan for submission no later than three months before the date of submission. Note that F31 and F30 applications addressing issues related to HIV/AIDS have a different due date.

Submission dates for NIH fellowships  calendar

Note that all fellowship submissions must be ready for submission at the Office of Research Administration at least five days prior to the NIH due date. Your application may not be submitted if you fail to meet this deadline.

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