New Grants for Sackler Faculty in December

Several Sackler faculty members received new NIH awards recently. Among them are:

  • John Iacomini (Genetics, Immunology)
    Negative effects on organ transplant rejection and tolerance induced by diet
  • Dan Jay (CMDB, Neuroscience)
    Inhibiting extracellular Hsp90 to reduce breast cancer metastasis
  • John Leong (Microbiology, Immunology)
    Multiple B. burgdorferi factors collaborate to evade complement-mediated defenses
  • Miguel Stadecker (Immunology)
    Immunoregulation in schistosomiasis
  • Wai-Leung Ng (Microbiology)
    Signaling Mechanisms in Vibrio cholerae parallel quorum sensing pathways

Please join us in congratulating these faculty members.

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