2015-2016 Sackler Families Collaborative Cancer Biology Awards Recipients

The Sackler School is pleased to announce the recipients of the Sackler Families Cancer Biology Award. These awards are designed to provide support for innovative studies in cancer biology that will advance our knowledge of this disease and have the potential for translation and an eventual impact on patient care. Competition this year was extremely stiff, with the largest number of applicants in the history of the award.

This year’s recipients are:

  • Siobhan McRee, Genetics program, Phil Hinds, Advisor, for her project “Differential roles of the Akt isoforms in melanoma”.
  • This project builds on preliminary data indicating that a particular Akt isoform may play a special role in melanoma.

  • James Schiemer, Cellular & Molecular Physiology Program, Athar Chishti, Advisor, Gα13 Switch Region II Activates talin1 to Confer Anoikis Resistance in Prostate Cancer.
  • This project centers on molecular mechanisms that may be important for prostate cancer metastasis.

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