Sackler Researchers Share in Cancer Award

Kuperwasser and Sonenshein

Eleanor F. Anbinder, Charlotte Kuperwasser, Deavid Seldin, Gail Sonenshein, William E. Diercks

On January 6th, 2015 Eleanor F. Anbinde and William E. Diercks of Art beCAUSE came to Tufts University to meet with Charlotte Kuperwasser and Gail Sonenshein to sign and award the first installment of $80,000 of a $1.8M pledge they made to their labs. the Pledge is a portion of a larger sum that will be shared with 3 other laboratories at BU all studying the environmental effects of breast cancer development.

Present at the ceremony were David Sherr, Professor of Environmental Health at Boston University and part of the consortium of five laboratories that is the recipient of the $5M grant, Eleanor F. Anbinder, Founder and Executive Director of Art ArtbeCAUSE, William E. Diercks, Chairperson of ArtbeCAUSE and Philip Hinds, Professor and Chair of DMCB.

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