Tufts CTSI Launches Profiles

Tufts CTSI is delighted to announce the launch of Profiles, a free, web-based research networking tool designed to promote collaboration among scientists and researchers.

Tufts CTSI Profiles is a publicly accessible library of web-based electronic curriculum vitae (CVs) and information about research at Tufts. In this first phase, nearly 1,400 people from 42 different institutions appear in Profiles, including Tufts CTSI and Tufts University faculty members. These initial profiles were created from data derived from the Tufts University Office of Faculty Affairs records and the PubMed database, and then fed directly into Profiles. Researchers can use Profiles to find potential collaborators, co-authors, and mentors.

”Collaboration is key to effective translational research – research that has impact – and Profiles is a fantastic tool to develop collaborations across people, research groups, and disciplines,” says Harry P. Selker, MD, MSPH, Dean of Tufts CTSI. “I hope researchers and students will use this online system to learn about the amazing span of Tufts faculty expertise and to develop new collaborations across Tufts, and beyond.”

Tufts CTSI Profiles will expand as more researchers are included during the coming months.

Profiles is available here  weblink

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