Sackler Faculty Win CTSI Pilots

The Tufts CTSI has announced the recipients of this year's awards in their pilot grant programs. Research conducted by Sackler faculty members is recognized in several of the awards.

Sackler faculty who have received awards this year are:

  • Co-PI Richard Van Etten, MD, PhD, CMP, Genetics & Immunology with PI Miaofen Hu for their work on "The Role Of COK6 In Chronic Myeloid Leukemia"
  • Gordon Huggins, CMDB & Genetics, PI, and Co-PIs Philip Hinds, Biochemistry & Genetics, and Lauren Black, CMDB for their work on "Basic Mechanisms of Human Calcific Aortic Valve Disease"
  • Jamie Maguire, Neuroscience & PPET, PI and Co-PIs Alain Charest, Genetics & Neuroscience, and Julian Wu for their work "Investigating KCC2 As A Novel Target For The Treatment Of Tumor-Associated Epilepsy" 
  • Co-PI Mark Sarnak, MD, CTS with David Weiner, PI, and Sergio Fantini, Tammy Scott, and Aron Troen co-PIs for their work "Brain Perfusion and Cognitive Function in Hemodialysis: Effects of Acute Hemodynamic Changes"
  • Henry Wortis, MD, Genetics & Immunology and Co-PIs Andrew Camilli, Molecular Microbiology, Alexander Poltorak, Genetics, Immunology & Molecular Microbiology, and Clay Bennett for their work on "Carbohydrate Antigen-Based Vaccine" 
  • Philip Tsichlis, MD, Biochemistry, Genetics & Immunology for his study on "NDY1/KDM2B: Development of An Enzymatic Assay And Initial Screening For Inhibitors"

Sackler is proud of these achievements in translational research.

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