Congratulations to Our May 2011 Graduates

The Sackler School faculty and staff offer warm congratulations to our May, 2011 graduates.

MS in Clinical and Translational Science

    Lisa Ceglia, MD
    Issa J. Dahabreh, MD
    Christina Feitosa Pelajo, MD
    Abdulaziz Mamdouh Saleem, MD
    Caitlin Moira Sgarlat, DO
    Annette Tobar, MD
    Gautham Viswanathan, MD

PhD in Biochemistry

    Daqin Mao

MD-PhD in Biochemistry

    Eric Joon Yang

MD-PhD in Cell Molecular & Developmental Biology

    Joshua Webb Russo

MD-PhD in Cellular & Molecular Physiology

    Brian McNeil Enloe

PhD in Genetics

    David Lee Greenwald
    Volkan Gunduz
    Jacqueline M. Lane
    Leila Michele Sevigny

PhD in Immunology

    Jared Brian Hawkins
    Patrick M. Smith

MD-PhD in Immunology

    James Ryan Conner

PhD in Molecular Microbiology

    Enrique Alberto Durand
    Jamie Ellen Henzy
    Monica Ping-Ting Hui

PhD in Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics

    Brenda Mae Geiger

Research Spotlight

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