Sackler - TUSM Combine to Top Boston Graduate Soccer League

Tufts Soccer

Sackler - TUSM Graduate Soccer League Champions - Fall 2010

Sackler and TUSM students don't spend all their time in class or in the lab.  Led by Tyler Hickman, a Neuroscience Program graduate student, a talented group of soccer players played in the Boston Graduate Soccer League this fall and captured the championship recently.

After a strong showing in the regular season, the Tufts team made the playoffs and defeated a team from Harvard Business School 2 - 1 in the semi-finals and then defeated a team representing Suffolk Law School 1 - 0 in the finals.

Sackler - TUSM were represented by:

  • Tyler Hickman, Neuroscience, Co-Captain
  • Pontus Bostrum, Postdoctoral Fellow, DFCI, Co-Captain 
  • Brendan Oakes, Pharmacology
  • Gorka Murga, MBS
  • Andrew Coppage, ISP
  • Zach Williams, Microbiology
  • Stephanie Mitchell, Microbiology
  • Neil Kumar, M13
  • Luke Nicholson, M13
  • Stephen Sanoja, M14 
  • David Kopelman, M13
  • Colin Jackson, M14
  • Mustafa Mohammad, M14
  • Mattia Chason, M14
  • Ruairi Robertson, Visiting Student

If you are interested in participating in a league this winter or spring, please contact Tyler Hickman. Send an e-mail


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