Zucker Research Prize Winners Announced

Andrew Camilli, PhD, Professor of Molecular Biology & Microbiology and a member of the Molecular Microbiology Graduate Program is this year's recipient of the Zucker Family Research Prize. Dr Camilli is an Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. He was recognized for his outstanding contributions to the field of bacterial pathogenesis. The novel system he developed for identifying bacterial genes that are specifically expressed in the host paved the way to a new understanding of how bacteria cause disease. His work on Vibrio cholerae, the pathogen responsible for cholera, has revealed new insights into virulence mechanisms. Other work, focused on Streptococcus pneumoniae, a major cause of bacterial pneumonia and other diseases, has also illuminated novel pathogenesis mechanisms. Through his work focused on vaccine development, new strides are being made in combating both of these important infections. His discoveries continue to accelerate research efforts aimed at addressing key problems in human disease and have changed the ways in which people approach bacterial pathogenesis.

Elena Naumova, PhD, Professor of Public Health and Family Medicine is this year's recipient of the Milton O and Natalie V Zucker Prize. She was recognized for her research on the development of analytical tools for time series and longitudinal data analysis, tools that are fundamental to disease surveillance, exposure assessment, and studies of growth. As a biostatistician, Dr. Naumova's work occurs at the interface of multiple disciplines and spans the fields of infectious disease, environmental epidemiology, molecular biology and immunogenetics, and nutrition. Her advanced approaches have been central to multiple public health investigations, including studies of the outbreak of waterborne cryptosporidiosis in Milwaukee, the largest outbreak of water-borne disease in US history. Dr Naumova's contributions have had a very broad impact and have set a new standard for public health investigation.

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