H1N1 Announcement

Updated Friday, January 22, 2010

Sackler Staff and Faculty

On Wednesday, December 10, Tufts announced by e-mail that the university is starting to receive shipments of the H1N1 vaccine, and two vaccination clinics have now been held on the Boston campus for high-risk students, staff and faculty. The first was on Thursday, December 10 and the second on Friday, December 18.

We encourage members of the community at risk for H1N1 to take advantage of other vaccination opportunities, as well. The federal government website has an excellent search function on its front page that allows you to search for vaccine by state and zip code.  Masspro also has a Massachusetts-specific search engine for local H1N1 flu clinics being offered.

As Tufts receives larger amounts of H1N1 vaccine, we will be able to offer it to an expanded group of people. Thank you for your collaboration as we work to keep our community healthy. We will continue to keep the community informed of developments.  When Tufts receives another shipment of vaccine, the university will notify the community via email, and the information will be posted here.  The first shipments will be targeted at students with high-risk medical conditions. 

Staff Sick Leave

Effective immediately are temporary modifications to some of the university's usual sick leave policies for staff. These special measures are designed to provide additional flexibility if you or members of your families become ill. The following apply to all benefits-eligible staff.

  • If you do not currently have a balance of available sick days, you may borrow up to five (5) sick days from your future accumulation if you come down with the flu.  You will also be able to borrow up to five (5) sick days from your future accumulation to care for ill family members.
  • If you currently have an available balance sick days, but have exhausted the usual allowance of ten (10) sick days for care of family members, you may use another five (5) personal sick days from your balance while caring for family members with the flu.
  • In either of the above cases, if you need to stay home because your child's school is closed due to an influenza outbreak, you may use your illness-in-family days even if your own child is not will with the flu.

These policies will continue in effect until further notice. A detailed description of them, as well as related temporary changes to the medical leave policy and working from home, is available on the Human Resources website. Please contact your HR representatives with any questions about the policies.

Faculty Sick Leave

Since time-off policies for faculty vary from school to school, faculty with any questions about their own use of sick time are encouraged to contact their department chair or school dean's office.

Other Resources

For more information on Tufts' response to H1N1, go to http://emergency.tufts.edu/flu.  Thank your for your collaboration as we work together to meet the challenge of the H1N1 pandemic and keep the university community healthy.

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