2009 Charlton Poster Award Recipients

Thank you to all of the Medical, Veterinary, and Sackler students who took part in this year's Charlton Poster Competition; the TUSM Scientific Affairs Committee was impressed with the quality of research and presentations from all 32 participants. Listed below are the recipients of this year's Charlton Poster Awards, announced at the lectureship on October 27.

Category 1: Medical, Dental, Veterinary

1st Place - Laura Wong, MD/PhD Student
2nd Place - Meena Bolourchi, MD Student
3rd Place - Brian Lee, MD Student

Category 2: Sackler Junior Division

1st Place - Parker Read, MD/PhD Student in Genetics
2nd Place (tie) - Robbie Goldstein, MD/PhD Student in Genetics
2nd Place (tie) - Michael Monteiro, PhD Student in Cellular & Molecular Physiology

Category 3: Sackler Senior Division

1st Place - Kieran Pechter, PhD Student in Molecular Microbiology
2nd Place - Steven Pageau, PhD Student in Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology
3rd Place - Jennifer Durham, PhD Student in Cellular & Molecular Physiology

Please join the TUSM Scientific Affairs Committee and the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences in congratulating these individuals on their accomplishment.

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