News from the IBC

Office of the Vice Provost, Institutional Biosafety Committees

New Newsletter

The IBCs have undergone many changes over the past year, and there will be more to come. To assist you in understanding all the new procedures, policies, and requirements necessary to maintain compliance, and e-mail newsletter will be sent on a regular basis.

New Website

The Office of the Vice Provost at Tufts University has created a website for the IBCs. Please go to this website to download the IBC forms and review IBC procedures and regulatory policies. It is in your best interest to familiarize yourself with what is expected of investigators to ensure compliance with the IBC. There will be more updates provided via this website, so keep checking regularly!

New Forms

The Biohazardous Materials Registration Form has been revised based on investigator comments and regulatory need. Please use the new version of the registration form and submit it directly to the IBC Office.

The Amendment Form is new and provides a standardized format for the review of amendments to active IBC registrations. Please complete the form and submit it to the IBC Office.

Contact Information

For questions, please contact Valerie Parkison, IACUC/IBC Manager.

Research Spotlight

Read up on the research of our featured PhD student and faculty member in our Research Spotlight.