Research Cores


The Health Sciences Campus provides support for researchers through a variety of instrumentation and core services that allow scientists to access the latest technology. Many of these cores are staffed by support personnel that may assist with use of instruments or help design experiments.  A partial listing of core resources can be found below; a more complete listing that includes cores across Tufts University can be found on the OVP Core Facilities web site.

Cores that Provide Technical Support

DNA, Protein, Mass Spectroscopy Core

The core offers a range of services including DNA sequencing, high through-put DNA sequencing, peptide synthesis, HPLC and mass spectroscopy, and DNA synthesis.  A more complete listing of fees and services can be found on the TUCF web site.

Flow Cytometry

The flow core provides instruments for analytic flow cytometry and for cell sorting.  Training on the use of the analytic instruments is available;  the cell sorters are operated by full-time staff skilled in their operation.  Fees are charged for use of these resources.

Tufts Imaging Facility

The imaging facility provides access to and assistance with confocal microscopy, laser capture dissection, spinning disc confocal microscopy and fluorescence microscopy. This facility is funded in part by a grant from NIH/NINDS and is part of the Center for Neuroscience Research.

Center for Neuroscience Research

The CNR brings together resources for neuroscientists and other investigators including the imaging core.  Other resources include genomics, electrophysiology and behavior cores.

Tufts Small Animal Imaging/Preclinical Testing Facility

This facility provides access to and assistance with optical, ultrasound and radiological imaging in live animals and services related to preclinical testing for diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases. The facility web site provides additional information on instruments, services and fees.

Tufts Therapeutics Core Facility

This facility provides instrumentation, services and expertise for the discovery and development of therapeutics for treatment of cancer and other diseases. A full range of services from drug target identification to analysis of therapeutic and pharmacological effects in laboratory animals are offered. Services include drug target identification and validation; high throughput drug screening; assay design; and drug dosing, efficacy, safety, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. The facility web site provides additional information on instruments, services and fees.

Study Center for the Immunogenetics of Infectious Disease

The SCIID provides a range of instruments as described on their website.  Depending on an individual's level of training, some instruments can be used by investigators and others are operated by SCIID personnel.

Cores that Provide Products

Media Kitchen

Located in the Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology, this core provides a wide array of bacterial medium, including some with custom formulations. 

Center for Integrated Tissue Engineering

The CITE provides investigators with three-dimensional tissues for the study of disease processes and normal development.

Research Computing

Tufts University Information Technology (UIT) provides research technology infrastructure, research technology tools and research consulting services.  Research storage space, software licensing, tools for bioinformatics and other needs are available from UIT.  The UIT pdf provides an overview of these services.  Additional information can be found on the UIT web pages.

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