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About Research Spotlight

Research Spotlights highlight the ongoing research of Sackler graduate students and their thesis mentors.  The spotlight feature changes about every six weeks so that the work of students in all of our graduate programs can be recognized during each academic year.  You can use the links below to read research spotlights that appeared in recent years. 

2017 Spotlights

Jimmy Schiemer & Athar Chishti, CMP spotlight

Caitlin Liu & Sasha Poltorak, Immunology spotlight

2016 Spotlights

Samantha You & Rob Jackson, Neuroscience  spotlight

Nil Vanli & Guo-fu Hu, Biochemistry spotlight

Melissa LaBonty & Pamela Yelick, Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology  spotlight

Leah Graham & Gareth Howell, Genetics spotlight

2015 Spotlights

Kristina Cotter & Michael Forgac, Cellular & Molecular Physiology  spotlight

Charles Torgbor & David Thorley-Lawson, Immunology  spotlight

Sarah Jung & Wai-Leung Ng, Molecular Biology & Microbiology  spotlight

Tomoya Uchimura & Li Zeng, Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology  spotlight

Elisabeth Adkins & Derry Roopenian, Genetics  spotlight

Laurel Drane Conley & Leon Reijmers, Neuroscience  spotlight

Malik Najjar & Alexei Degterev, Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics spotlight

2014 Spotlights

Seblewongel Asrat & Ralph Isberg, Molecular Microbiology spotlight

Lei Cao & David Greenblatt, Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics spotlight

Michelle Paczosa & Joan Mecsas, Immunology spotlight

Cecile Rouleau & Brian Schaffhausen, Biochemistry  spotlight

Angie Rodday & Susan Parsons, Clinical & Translational Science spotlight

Tony Sheets & Ira Herman, MD/PhD and Cellular & Molecular Physiology  spotlight

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