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LaBonty M, Yelick PC. 2017. Animal models of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. Dev Dyn. Epub ahead of print. Abstract in PubMed

Cai X, Ten Hoopen S, Zhang W, Yi C, Yang W, Yang F, Jansen JA, Frank Walboomers X, Yelick PC. 2017. Influence of highly porous electrospun PLGA/PCL/nHA fibrous scaffolds on the differentiation of tooth bud cells in vitro. J Biomed Mater Res A. Epub ahead of print.  Abstract in PubMed

LaBonty M, Pray N, Yelick PC. 2017. A Zebrafish model of human fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva. Zebrafish Epub ahead of print.  Abstract in PubMed

Zhang W, Yelick PC. 2017. Craniofacial tissue engineering. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med. Epub ahead of print. Abstract in PubMed

Smith EE, Yelick PC. 2017. Progress in bioengineered whole tooth research: From bench to dental patient chair. Curr Oral Health Epub ahead of print. Abstract in PubMed

Zhang W, Vazquez B, Oreadi D, Yelick PC. 2017. Decellularized tooth bud scaffolds for tooth regeneration. J Dent Res. Epub ahead of print. Abstract in PubMed

Khayat A, Monteiro N, Smith EE, Pagni S, Zhang W, Khademhosseini A, Yelick PC. 2017. GelMA-encapsulated hDPSCs and HUVECs for dental pulp regeneration. J Dent Res. 96: 192-199. Abstract in PubMed

Smith EE, Zhang W, Schiele NR, Khademhosseini A, Kuo CK, Yelick PC. 2017. Developing a biomimetic tooth bud model. J Tissue Eng Regen Med. Epub ahead of print. Abstract in PubMed

Monteiro N, Smith EE, Angstadt S, Zhang W, Khademhosseini A, Yelick PC. 2016. Dental cell sheet biomimetic tooth bud model. Biomaterials 106: 167-179. Abstract in PubMed

Zhang W, Zhang Z, Chen S, Macri L, Kohn J, Yelick PC. 2016. Mandibular jaw bone regeneration using human dental cell-seeded tyrosine-derived polycarbonate scaffolds. Tissue Eng Part A Epub ahead of print. books

Sondalle SB, Baserga SJ, Yelick PC. 2016. The contributions of the ribosome biogenesis protein Utp5/WDR43 to craniofacial development. J Dent Res. Epub ahead of print. books

Monteiro N, Yelick PC. 201 books6. Advances and perspectives in tooth tissue engineering. J Tissue Eng Reg Med. Epub ahead of print.

Adams DS, Uzel SG, Akagi J, Wlodkowic D, Andreeva V, Yelick PC, Devitt-Lee A, Pare JF, Levin M. 2016. Bioelectric signalling via potassium channels: a mechanism for craniofacial dysmorphogenesis in KCNJ2-associated Andersen-Tawil Syndrome. J Physiol. Epub ahead of print. books

Yelick PC, Trainor PA. 2015. Ribosomopathies: Global process, tissue specific defects. Rare Dis. 3: e1025185.  books

Pisciolaro RL, Duailibi MT, Novo NF, Juliano Y, Pallos D, Yelick PC, Vacanti J, Ferreira LM, Duailibi SE. 2015. Tooth tissue engineering: The importance of blood products as a supplement in tissue culture medium for human pulp dental stem cells. Tissue Eng Part A 21: 2639-2648. books

Zhang W, Vázquez B, Yelick PC. 2014. Bioengineered post-natal recombinant tooth bud models. J Tissue Eng Regen Med. Epub ahead of print. books

Zhao C, Andreeva V, Gibert Y, Labonty M, Lattanzi V, Prabhudesai S, Zhou Y, Zon L, McCann KL, Baserga S, Yelick PC. 2014. Tissue specific roles for the ribosome biogenesis factor wdr43 in zebrafish development. PLoS Genetics 10: e1004074. books

Duailibi SE, Duailibi MT, Ferreira LM, Salmazi KI, Salvadori MC, de Sá Teixeira F, Pasquarelli A, Vacanti JP, Yelick PC. 2013. TIssue Eng Part A 19: 2537-2543. Abstract in PubMed

Ohira T, Spear D, Azimi N, Andreeva V, Yelick PC. 2012. Chemerin-ChemR23 signaling in tooth development. J Dent Res. 91: 1147-1153. Abstract in PubMed

van Manen EH, Zhang W, Walboomers XF, Vazquez B, Yang F, Ji W, Yu N, Spear DJ, Jansen JA, Yelick PC. 2012. The influence of electrospun fibre scaffold orientation and nano-hydroxyapatite content on the development of tooth bud stem cells in vitro. Odontology 102: 14-21. Abstract in PubMed

Traphagen SB, Fourligas N, Xylas JF, Sengupta S, Kaplan DL, Georgakoudi I, Yelick PC. 2012. Characterization of natural, decellularized and reseeded porcine tooth bud matrices. Biomaterials 33: 5287-5296. Abstract in PubMed

Zhang W, Vazquez B, Andreeva V, Spear D, Kong E, Hinds PW, Yelick PC. 2012. Discrete phosphorylated retinoblastoma protein isoform expression in mouse tooth development. J Mol Histol. 43:91: 1147-115 281-288. Abstract in PubMed

Andreeva V, Cardarelli J, Yelick PC. 2012. Rb1 mRNA expression in developing mouse teeth. Gene Expr Patterns. 12: 130-135. Abstract in PubMed

Duailibi MT, Kulikowski LD, Duailibi SE, Lipay MV, Melaragno MI, Ferreira LM, Vacanti JP, Yelick PC. 2012. Cytogenetic instability of dental pulp stem cell lines. J Mol Histol. 43: 89-94. Abstract in PubMed

Duailibi MT, Duailibi SE, Duailibi Neto EF, Negreiros RM, Jorge WA, Ferreira LM, Vacanti JP, Yelick PC. 2011. Tooth tissue engineering: optimal dental stem cell harvest based on tooth development. Artif Organs. 35: E129-135. Abstract in PubMed

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Zhang W, Yelick PC. 2010. Vital pulp therapy-current progress of dental pulp regeneration and revascularization. Int J Dent. 2010: 856087.  Abstract in PubMed

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Jezewski PA, Fang PK, Payne-Ferreira TL, Yelick PC. 2009. Alternative splicing, phylogenetic analysis, and craniofacial expression of zebrafish tbx22. Dev Dynam. 238: 1605-1612. Abstract in PubMed

Abukawa H, Zhang W, Young CS, Asrican R, Vacanti JP, Kaban LB, Troulis MJ, Yelick PC. 2009. Reconstructing mandibular defects using autologous tissue-engineered tooth and bone constructs. J Oral Maxilofac Surg. 67: 235-247. Abstract in PubMed

Zhang W, Abukawa H, Troulis MJ, Kaban LB, Vacanti JP, Yelick PC. 2009. Tissue engineered hybrid tooth-bone constructs. Methods 47: 122-128. Abstract in PubMed

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Duailibi SE, Duailibi MT, Zhang W, Asrican R, Vacanti JP, Yelick PC. 2008. Bioengineered dental tissues grown in the rat jaw. J Dent Res. 87: 745-750. Abstract in PubMed

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Cinar B, Fang PK, Lutchman M, Di Vizio D, Adam RM, Pavlova N, Rubin MA, Yelick PC, Freeman MR. 2007. The pro-apoptotic kinase Mst1 and its caspase cleavage products are direct inhibitors of Akt1. EMBO J. 31: 4523-4534. Abstract in PubMed

Albertson RC, Yelick PC. 2007. Fgf8 haploinsufficiency results in distinct craniofacial defects in adult zebrafish. Dev Biol. 306: 505-515. Abstract in PubMed

Fang PK, Solomon KR, Zhuang L, Qi M, McKee M, Freeman MR, Yelick PC. 2006. Caveolin-1α and -1β perform nonredundant roles in early vertebrate development. Am J Pathol. 169: 2209-2222. Abstract in PubMed

Adams DS, Robinson KR, Fukumoto T, Yuan S, Albertson RC, Yelick P, Kuo L, McSweeney M, Levin M. 2006. Early, H+-V-ATPase-dependent proton flux is necessary for consistent left-right patterning of non-mammalian vertebrates. Developoment 133: 1657-1671. Abstract in PubMed

Yelick PC, Vacanti JP. 2006.  Bioengineered teeth from tooth bud cells. Dent Clin North Amer. 50: 191-203. Abstract in PubMed

Young CS, Abukawa H, Asrican R, Ravens M, Troulis MJ, Kaban LB, Vacanti JP, Yelick PC. 2005. Tissue-engineered hybrid tooth and bone. Tissue Eng 11: 1599-1610. Abstract in PubMed

Albertson RC, Streelman JT, Kocher TD, Yelick PC. 2005. Integration and evolution of the cichlid mandible: the molecular basis of alternate feeding strategies. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 102: 16287-16292. Abstract in PubMed

Albertson RC, Payne-Ferreira TL, Postlethwait J, Yelick PC. 2005. Zebrafish acvr2a and acvr2b exhibit distinct roles in craniofacial development. Dev Dyn 233: 1405-1418. Abstract in PubMed

Albertson RC, Yelick PC. 2005. Roles for fgf8 signaling in left-right patterning of the visceral organs and craniofacial skeleton. Dev Biol. 283: 310-321. Abstract in PubMed

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