Recent Publications from the Steindler Lab

Research Publications Neuroscience


Steindler DA, Reynolds BA. 2017. Perspective: Neuroregenerative nutrition. Adv Nutr. 8: 546-557. books

Reinartz R, Wang S, Kebir S, Silver DJ, Wieland A, Zheng T, Küpper M, Rauschenbach L, Fimmers R, Shepherd TM, Trageser D, Till A, Schäfer N, Glas M, Hillmer AM, Cichon S, Smith AA, Pietsch T, Liu Y, Reynolds BA, Yachnis A, Pincus DW, Simon M, Brüstle O, Steindler DA, Scheffler B. 2017. Functional subclone profiling for prediction of treatment-induced intratumor population shifts and discovery of rational drug combinations in human glioblastoma. Clin Cancer Res. 23: 562-574. books

Suslov O, Silver DJ, Siebzehnrubl FA, Orjalo A, Ptitsyn A, Steindler DA. 2015. Application of an RNA amplification method for reliable single-cell transcriptome analysis. Biotechniques 59: 137-148. books

Marshall GP 2nd, Deleyrolle LP, Reynolds BA, Steindler DA, Laywell ED. 2014. Microglia from neurogenic and non-neurogenic regions display differential proliferative potential and neuroblast support. Front Cell Neurosci. 8:180.  books

Candelario KM, Steindler DA. 2014. The role of extracellular vesicles in the progression of neurodegenerative disease and cancer. Trends Mol Med. 20: 368-374. books

van Strien ME, Sluijs JA, Reynolds BA, Steindler DA, Aronica E, Hol EM. 2014. Increased precursor cell proliferation after deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease: a human study. PLoS One 9: e88770. books

Sarkisian MR, Siebzehnrubl D, Hoang-Minh L, Deleyrolle L, Silver DJ, Siebzehnrubl FA, Guadiana SM, Srivinasan G, Semple-Rowland S, Harrison JK, Steindler DA, Reynolds BA. 2014. Detection of primary cilia in human glioblastoma. J Neurooncol. 117: 15-24. books

Felsenstein KM, Candelario KM, Steindler DA, Borchelt DR. 2014.Regenerative medicine in Alzheimer's disease. Transl Res. 163: 432-438. books

Silver DJ, Siebzehnrubl FA, Schildts MJ, Yachnis AT, Smith GM, Smith AA, Scheffler B, Reynolds BA, Silver J, Steindler DA. 2013. Chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans potently inhibit invasion and serve as a central organizer of the brain tumor microenvironment. J Neurosci. 33: 15603-15617. books

Siebzehnrubl FA, Steindler DA. 2013. Isolating and culturing of precursor cells from the adult human brain. Methods Mol Biol. 1059: 79-86. books

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Siebzehnrubl FA, Silver DJ, Tugertimur B, Deleyrolle LP, Siebzehnrubl D, Sarkisian MR, Devers KG, Yachnis AT, Kupper MD, Neal D, Nabilsi NH, Kladde MP, Suslov O, Brabletz S, Brabletz T, Reynolds BA, Steindler DA. 2013. The ZEB1 pathway links glioblastoma initiation, invasion and chemoresistance. EMBO Mol Med. 5: 1196-1212. books

Douglas-Escobar M, Rossignol C, Steindler D, Zheng T, Weiss MD. 2012. Neurotrophin-induced migration and neuronal differentiation of multipotent astrocytic stem cells in vitro. PLoS One 7: e51706. books

Wang S, Okun MS, Suslov O, Zheng T, McFarland NR, Vedam-Mai V, Foote KD, Roper SN, Yachnis AT, Siebzehnrubl FA, Steindler DA. 2012. Neurogenic potential of progenitor cells isolated from postmortem human Parkinsonian brains. Brain Res 1464: 61-72. books

Azari H, Osborne GW, Yasuda T, Golmohammadi MG, Rahman M, Deleyrolle LP, Esfandiari E, Adams DJ, Scheffler B, Steindler DA, Reynolds BA 2012. Purification of immature neuronal cells from neural stem cell progeny. PLoS One 6: e20941. books

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