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Nguyen GT, Green ER, Mecsas J. 2017. Neutrophils to the ROScue: Mechanisms of NADPH oxidase activation and bacterial resistance. Front Cell Infect Microbiol. 7:373. books

Saleh D, Najjar M, Zelic M, Shah S, Nogusa S, Polykratis A, Paczosa MK, Gough PJ, Bertin J, Whalen M, Fitzgerald KA, Slavov N, Pasparakis M, Balachandran S, Kelliher M, Mecsas J, Degterev A. 2017. Kinase activities of RIPK1 and RIPK3 can direct IFN-β synthesis induced by lipopolysaccharide. J Immunol. 198: 4435-4447.  books

Green ER, Clark S, Crimmins GT, Mack M, Kumamoto CA, Mecsas J. 2016. Fis is essential for Yersinia pseudotuberculosis virulence and protects against reactive oxygen species produced by phagocytic cells during infection. PLoS Pathog. 12: e1005898.   books

Paczosa MK, Mecsas J. 2016. Klebsiella pneumoniae: Going on the offense with a strong defense. Microbiol Mol Biol Rev. 80: 629-661.  books

Hauser AR, Mecsas J, Moir DT. 2016. Beyond antibiotics: New therapeutic approaches for bacterial infections. Clin Infect Dis. Epub ahead of print.   books

Rosadini CV, Zanoni I, Odendall C, Green ER, Paczosa MK, Philip NH, Brodsky IE, Mecsas J, Kagan JC. 2015. A single bacterial immune evasion strategy dismantles both MyD88 and TRIF signaling pathways downstream of TLR4. Cell Host Microbe 18: 682-693.   books

Chen Y, Lin Y, Davis KM, Wang Q, Rnjak-Kovacina J, Li C, Isberg RR, Kumamoto CA, Mecsas J, Kaplan DL 2015. Robust bioengineered 3D functional human intestinal epithelium. Sci Rep. 5: 13708.   books

Yang Y, Millán JL, Mecsas J, Guillemin K. 2014. Intestinal alkaline phosphatase deficiency leads to lipopolysaccharide desensitization and faster weight gain. Infect Immun. 83: 247-258. Abstract in PubMed

Paczosa MK, Fisher ML, Maldonado-Arocho FJ, Mecsas J. 2013. Yersinia pseudotuberculosis uses Ail and YadA to circumvent neutrophils by directing Yop translocation during lung infection. Cell Microbiol. 16: 247-268. Abstract in PubMed

Rolan HG, Durand EA, Mecsas J. 2013. Identifying Yersinia YopH-targeted signal transduction pathways that impair neutrophil responses during in vivo murine infection. Cell Host & Microbe 14: 306-317. Abstract in PubMed

Maldonado-Arocho FJ, Green C, Fisher ML, Paczosa MK, Mecsas J. 2013. Adhesins and host serum factors drive Yop translocation by Yersinia into professional phagocytes during animal infection. PLoS Pathog. 9: e1003415. books

Harmon DE, Murphy JL, Davis AJ, Mecsas J. 2013. A mutant with aberrant extracellular LcrV-YscF interactions fails to form pores and translocate Yops, but retains the ability to trigger Yop secretion in response to host cell contact. J Bacteriol. 195:2244-2254. books

Crimmins GT, Mohammadi S, Green ER, Bergman MA, Isberg RR, Mecsas J. 2012. Identification of MrtAB, an ABC transporter specifically required for Yersinia pseudotuberculosis to colonize the mesenteric lymph nodes. PLoS Pathog. 8: e1002828. books

Vladimer GI, Weng D, Paquette SW, Vanaja SK, Rathinam VA, Aune MH, Conlon JE, Burbage JJ, Proulx MK, Liu Q, Reed G, Mecsas JC, Iwakura Y, Bertin J, Goguen JD, Fitzgerald KA, Lien E. 2012. The NLRP12 inflammasome recognizes Yersinia pestis. Immunity 37: 96-107. books

Lister IM, Raftery C, Mecsas J, Levy SB. 2012. Yersinia pestis AcrAB-TolC in antibiotic resistance and virulence. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 56: 1120-1123. books

Bhattacharya D, Mecsas J, Hu LT. 2010. Development of a vaccinia virus based reservoir-targeted vaccine against Yersinia pestis. Vaccine 28: 7683-7689. books 

Garrity-Ryan LK, Kim OK, Balada-Llasat JM, Bartlett VJ, Verma AK, Fisher ML, Castillo C, Songsungthong W, Tanaka SK, Levy SB, Mecsas J, Alekshun MN. 2010. Small molecule inhibitors of LcrF, a Yersinia pseudotuberculosis transcription factor, attenuate virulence and limit infection in a murine pneumonia model. Infect Immun. 78: 4383-4690. books

McCoy MW, Marré ML, Lesser CF, Mecsas J. 2010. The C-terminal tail of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis YopM is critical for interacting with RSK1 and for virulence. Infect Immun. 78: 2584-2598. books

Harmon DE, Davis AJ, Castillo C, Mecsas J. 2010. Identification and characterization of small molecule inhibitors of Yop translocation in Yersinia pseudotuberculosis. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 54: 3241-3254. books

Davis AJ, Díaz DA, Mecsas J. 2010. A dominant-negative needle mutant blocks type III secretion of early but not late substrates in Yersinia. Mol Microbiol. 76: 236-259. books

Songsungthong W, Higgins MC, Rolán HG, Murphy JL, Mecsas J. 2010. ROS-inhibitory activity of YopE is required for full virulence of Yersinia in mice. Cell Microbiol. 12: 988-1001. books

Durand EA, Maldonado-Arocho FJ, Castillo C, Walsh RL, Mecsas J. 2010. The presence of professional phagocytes dictates the number of host cells targeted for Yop translocation during infection. Cell Microbiol. 12: 1064-1082. books

Lister IM, Mecsas J, Levy SB. 2010. Effect of MarA-like proteins on antibiotic resistance and virulence in Yersinia pestis. Infect Immun 78: 364-371. books

Bergman MA, Loomis WP, Mecsas J, Starnbach MN, Isberg RR. 2009. CD8(+) T cells restrict Yersinia pseudotuberculosis infection: bypass of anti-phagocytosis by targeting antigen-presenting cells. Plos Pathog. 5: e1000573. books

Ren Z, Gay R, Thomas A, Pae M, Wu D, Logsdon L, Mecsas J, Meydani SN. 2009. Effect of age on susceptibility to Salmonella typhimurium infection in C57BL/6 Mice. J Med Micro. 58: 1559-1567. books

White SJ, Rosenbach A, Lephart P, Nguyen D, Benjamin A, Tzipori S, Whiteway M, Mecsas J,  Kumamoto, CA. 2007. Self-regulation of Candida albicans population size during GI colonization. Plos Pathog 3: e184. books

Balada-Llasat JM, Panilaitis B, Kaplan D, Mecsas J. 2007. Oral inoculation with Type III secretion mutants of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis provides protection from oral, intraperitoneal, or intranasal challenge with virulent Yersinia. Vaccine. 25: 1526-1533. books

Fisher ML, Castillo C, Mecsas, J. 2007. Intranasal inoculation of mice with Yersinia pseudotuberculosis causes a lethal lung infection that is dependent on Yersinia outer proteins and PhoP. Infect Immun 75: 429-442. books

Davis AJ and Mecsas J. 2007. Mutations in the Yersinia pseudotuberculosis type III secretion system needle protein, YscF, that specifically abrogate effector translocation into host cells. J Bacteriol 189: 83-97. books

Balada JM,  Mecsas, J. 2006 Yersinia has a tropism for B and T cell zones of lymph node that is independent of the Type III secretion system. PLoS Pathog 2: e86. books

Logsdon LK, Mecsas J. 2006. A non-invasic quantitative assay to measure murine intestinal inflammation using the neutrophil marker lactoferrin. J Immunol Meth 313: 183-190. books

Barnes PD, Bergman MA, Mecsas J, Isberg, RR. 2006. Yersinia pseudotuberculosis disseminates directly from a replicating bacterial pool in the intestine. J Exp Med 203: 183-190. books

Logsdon LK,  Mecsas J. 2006. The proinflammatory response induced by wild-type Yersinia pseudotuberculosis infection inhibits survival of yop mutants in the gastrointestinal tract and Peyer's patches. Infect Immun 74:1516-1527. books

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