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Uygur B, Abramo K, Leikina E, Vary C, Liaw L, Wu WS. 2015. SLUG is a direct transcriptional repressor of PTEN tumor suppressor. Prostate 75: 907-916. books

Reagan MR, Liaw L, Rosen CJ, Ghobrial IM. 2015. Dynamic interplay between bone and multiple myeloma: Emerging roles of the osteoblast. Bone 75: 161-169. books

Rostama B, Peterson SM, Vary CPH, Liaw L. 2014. Notch signal integration in the vasculature during remodeling.  J Vasc Pharmacol. 63: 97-114.books

Contois LW, Akalu A, Caron JM, Tweedie E, Cretu A, Henderson T, Liaw L, Friesel R, Vary C, Brooks PC. 2014. Inhibition of tumor-associated αvβ3 integrin regulates the angiogenic switch by enhancing expression of IGFBP-4 leading to reduced melanoma growth and angiogenesis in vivo. Angiogenesis 18: 31-46. books

Peterson SM, Thompson JA, Ufkin ML, Sathyanarayana P, Liaw L, Congdon CB. 2014. Common features of microRNA target prediction tools. Front Genet. 5:23. books

Marks PC, Preda M, Henderson T, Liaw L, Lindner V, Friesel RE, Pinz IM. 2013. Interactive 3D analysis of blood vessel trees and collateral vessel volumes in magnetic resonance angiograms in the mouse ischemic hindlimb model. Open Med Imaging 7: 19-27.  books

Boucher JM, Harrington A, Rostama B, Lindner V, Liaw L. 2013. A receptor-specific function for Notch2 in mediating vascular smooth muscle cell growth arrest through p27kip1. Circ Res. 113: 975-985. books

Yang X, Gong Y, Tang Y, Li H, He Q, Gower L, Liaw L, Friesel RE. 2013. pry1 and Spry4 differentially regulate human aortic smooth muscle cell phenotype via Akt/FoxO/myocardin signaling. PLoS One 8: e58746. books

Tang Y, Boucher JM, Liaw L 2012. Histone deacetylase activity selectively regulates notch-mediated smooth muscle differentiation in human vascular cells. J Am Heart Assoc. 1: e000901. books

Stohn JP, Perreault NG, Wang Q, Liaw L, Lindner V. 2012. Cthrc1, a novel circulating hormone regulating metabolism. PLoS One 7: e47142. books

Young K, Conley B, Romero D, Tweedie E, O'Neill C, Pinz I, Brogan L, Lindner V, Liaw L, Vary CP. 2012. BMP9 regulates endoglin-dependent chemokine responses in endothelial cells. Blood 120: 4263-4273. books

Tang Y, Bai H, Urs S, Wang Z, Liaw L. 2012. Notch1 activation in embryonic VE-cadherin populations selectively blocks hematopoietic stem cell generation and fetal liver hematopoiesis. Transgenic Res. 22: 403-410. books

Ward C, Ciraulo D, Coulter M, Desjardins S, Liaw L, Peterson S. 2012. Does treatment of split-thickness skin grafts with negative-pressure wound therapy improve tissue markers of wound healing in a porcine experimental model? J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 73: 447-451. books

Boucher J, Gridley T, Liaw L. 2012. Molecular pathways of notch signaling in vascular smooth muscle cells. Front Physiol. 3: 81. books

Urs S, Henderson T, Le P, Rosen CJ, Liaw L. 2012. Tissue-specific expression of Sprouty1 in mice protects against high-fat diet-induced fat accumulation, bone loss and metabolic dysfunction. Br J Nutr. 108: 1025-1033. books

Tang Y, Yang X, Friesel RE, Vary CP, Liaw L. 2011. Mechanisms of TGF-β-induced differentiation in human vascular smooth muscle cells. J Vasc Res. 48: 485-494. books

Boucher JM, Peterson SM, Urs S, Zhang C, Liaw L. 2011. The miR-143/145 cluster is a novel transcriptional target of Jagged-1/Notch signaling in vascular smooth muscle cells. J Biol Chem. 286: 28312-28321. books

Cuttler AS, LeClair RJ, Stohn JP, Wang Q, Sorenson CM, Liaw L, Lindner V. 2011. Characterization of Pdgfrb-Cre transgenic mice reveals reduction of ROSA26 reporter activity in remodeling arteries. Genesis 49: 673-680. books

Kacer D, McIntire C, Kirov A, Kany E, Roth J, Liaw L, Small D, Friesel R, Basilico C, Tarantini F, Verdi J, Prudovsky I. 2011. Regulation of nonclassical fgf1 release and fgf-dependent cell transformation by CBF1-mediated notch signaling. J Cell Physiol. 226: 3064-3075. books

Venkatesh D, Fredette N, Rostama B, Tang Y, Vary CP, Liaw L, Urs S. 2011. RhoA-Mediated Signaling in Notch-Induced Senescence-Like Growth Arrest and Endothelial Barrier Dysfunction. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 31: 876-882. books

Adams DC, Karolak MJ, Larman BW, Liaw L, Nolin JD, Oxburgh L. 2010. Follistatin-like 1 regulates renal IL-1β expression in cisplatin nephrotoxicity. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 299: F1320-F1327. books

Peterson SM, Iskenderian A, Cook L, Romashko A, Tobin K, Jones M, Norton A, Gómez-Yafal A, Heartlein MW, Concino MF, Liaw L, Martini PG. 2010. Human Sulfatase 2 inhibits in vivo tumor growth of MDA-MB-231 human breast cancer xenografts. BMC Cancer 10: 427. books

Goncalves DaSilva A, Liaw L, Yong VW. 2010. Cleavage of osteopontin by matrix metalloproteinase-12 modulates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis disease in C57BL/6 mice. Am J Pathol. 17: 1448-1458. books

Tang Y, Harrington A, Yang X, Friesel RE, Liaw L. 2010. The contribution of the Tie2+ lineage to primitive and definitive hematopoietic cells. Genesis 48: 563-567. books

Carbery ID, Ji D, Harrington A, Brown V, Weinstein EJ, Liaw L, Cui X. 2010. Targeted genome modification in mice using zinc-finger nucleases. Genetics 186: 451-459. books

Urs S, Venkatesh D, Tang Y, Henderson T, Yang X, Friesel RE, Rosen CJ, Liaw L. 2010. Sprouty1 is a critical regulatory switch of mesenchymal stem cell lineage allocation. FASEB J. 24: 3264-3273. books

Tang Y, Urs S, Boucher J, Bernaiche T, Venkatesh D, Spicer DB, Vary CP, Liaw L. 2010. Notch and transforming growth factor-beta (TGFbeta) signaling pathways cooperatively regulate vascular smooth muscle cell differentiation. J Biol Chem. 285(23):17556-17563. books

Seier AM, Renkl AC, Schulz G, Uebele T, Sindrilaru A, Iben S, Liaw L, Kon S, Uede T, Weiss JM. 2010. Antigen-specific induction of osteopontin contributes to the chronification of allergic contact dermatitis. Am J Pathol. 176: 246-258. books

Mouta-Bellum C, Kirov A, Miceli-Libby L, Mancini ML, Petrova TV, Liaw L, Prudovsky I, Thorpe PE, Miura N, Cantley LC, Alitalo K, Fruman DA, Vary CP. 2009. Organ-specific lymphangiectasia, arrested lymphatic sprouting, and maturation defects resulting from gene-targeting of the PI3K regulatory isoforms p85alpha, p55alpha, and p50alpha. Dev Dyn. 238: 2670-2679. books

Shao L, Feng W, Sun Y, Bai H, Liu J, Currie C, Kim J, Gama R, Wang Z, Qian Z, Liaw L, Wu WS. 2009. Generation of iPS cells using defined factors linked via the self-cleaving 2A sequences in a single open reading frame. Cell Res. 19: 296-306. books

Duarte M, Kolev V, Kacer D, Mouta-Bellum C, Soldi R, Graziani I, Kirov A, Friesel R, Liaw L, Small D, Verdi J, Maciag T, Prudovsky I. 2008. Novel cross-talk between three cardiovascular regulators: thrombin cleavage fragment of Jagged1 induces fibroblast growth factor 1 expression and release. Mol Biol Cell. 19: 4863-4874. books

Urs S, Roudabush A, O'Neill CF, Pinz I, Prudovsky I, Kacer D, Tang Y, Liaw L, Small D. 2008. Soluble forms of the Notch ligands Delta1 and Jagged1 promote in vivo tumorigenicity in NIH3T3 fibroblasts with distinct phenotypes. Am J Pathol. 173: 865-878. books

Venkatesh DA, Park KS, Harrington A, Miceli-Libby L, Yoon JK, Liaw L. 2008. Cardiovascular and hematopoietic defects associated with Notch1 activation in embryonic Tie2-expressing populations. Circ Res. 103: 423-431. books

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