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Miller DH, Jin DX, Sokol ES, Cabrera JR, Superville DA, Gorelov RA, Kuperwasser C, Gupta PB. 2018. BCL11B drives human mammary stem cell self-renewal in vitro by inhibiting basal differentiation. Stem Cell Reports Epub ahead of print. books

Ni TK, Elman JS, Jin DX, Gupta PB, Kuperwasser C. 2018. Premature polyadenylation of MAGI3 is associated with diminished N6-methyladenosine in its large internal exon. Sci Rep. 8: 1415. books

Golden BO, Griess B, Mir S, Fitzgerald M, Kuperwasser C, Domann F, Teoh-Fitzgerald M. 2017. Extracellular superoxide dismutase inhibits hepatocyte growth factor-mediated breast cancer-fibroblast interactions. Oncotarget 8: 107390-107408. books

Montesion M, Bhardwaj N, Williams ZH, Kuperwasser C, Coffin JM. 2017. Mechanisms of HERV-K (HML-2) transcription during human mammary epithelial cell transformation. J Virol. Epub ahead of print.  books

Olsen SN, Wronski A, Castaño Z, Dake B, Malone C, De Raedt T, Enos M, DeRose YS, Zhou W, Guerra S, Loda M, Welm A, Partridge AH, McAllister SS, Kuperwasser C, Cichowski K. 2017. Loss of RasGAP tumor suppressors underlies the aggressive nature of luminal B breast cancers. Cancer Discov. 7: 202-217.  books

Breindel JL, Skibinski A, Sedic M, Wronski-Campos A, Zhou W, Keller PJ, Mills J, Bradner J, Onder T, Kuperwasser C. 2017. Epigenetic Reprogramming of Lineage-Committed Human Mammary Epithelial Cells Requires DNMT3A and Loss of DOT1L. Stem Cell Reports. Epub ahead of print.  Abstract in PubMed

Liu Z, Pouli D, Sood D, Sundarakrishnan A, Hui Mingalone CK, Arendt LM, Alonzo C, Quinn KP, Kuperwasser C, Zeng L, Schnelldorfer T, Kaplan DL, Georgakoudi I. 2016. Automated quantification of three-dimensional organization of fiber-like structures in biological tissues. Biomaterials 116: 34-47.  Abstract in PubMed

Zhou W, Ni TK, Wronski A, Glass B, Skibinski A, Beck A, Kuperwasser C. 2016. The SIRT2 deacetylase stabilizes Slug to control malignancy of basal-like breast cancer. Cell Rep. 17: 1302-1317. books

Ni TK, Kuperwasser C. 2016. Premature polyadenylation of MAGI3 produces a dominantly-acting oncogene in human breast cancer. Elife Epub ahead of print.   books

Gross K, Wronski A, Skibinski A, Phillips S, Kuperwasser C. 2016. Cell fate decisions during breast cancer development. J Dev Biol. 4: 4.   books

Xu K, Tian X, Oh SY, Movassaghi M, Naber SP, Kuperwasser C, Buchsbaum RJ. 2016. The fibroblast Tiam1-osteopontin pathway modulates breast cancer invasion and metastasis. Breast Cancer Res. 18: 14.   books

Sedic M, Kuperwasser C. 2016. BRCA1-hapoinsufficiency: Unraveling the molecular and cellular basis for tissue-specific cancer. Cell Cycle 15: 621-627.   books

Arendt LM, Kuperwasser C. 2015. Working stiff: How obesity boosts cancer risk. Sci Transl Med. 7: 301fs34.   books

Arendt LM, Kuperwasser C. 2015. Form and function: How estrogen and progesterone regulate the mammary epithelial hierarchy. J Mammary Gland Biol Neoplasia. 20: 9-25.  books

Liu Z, Quinn KP, Speroni L, Arendt L, Kuperwasser C, Sonnenschein C, Soto AM, Georgakoudi I. 2015. Rapid three-dimensional quantification of voxel-wise collagen fiber orientation. Biomed Opt Express 6: 2294-2310.  books

Sedic M, Skibinski A, Brown N, Gallardo M, Mulligan P, Martinez P, Keller PJ, Glover E, Richardson AL, Cowan J, Toland AE, Ravichandran K, Riethman H, Naber SP, Näär AM, Blasco MA, Hinds PW, Kuperwasser C. 2015. Haploinsufficiency for BRCA1 leads to cell-type-specific genomic instability and premature senescence. Nat Commun. 6:7505.   books

Schubert SM, Arendt LM, Zhou W, Baig S, Walter SR, Buchsbaum RJ, Kuperwasser C, Walt DR. 2015. Ultra-sensitive protein detection via single molecule arrays towards early stage cancer monitoring. Sci Rep. 5: 11034.  books

Wronski A, Arendt LM, Kuperwasser C. 2015. Humanization of the mouse mammary gland. Methods Mol Biol. 1293: 173-186.  books

Mazumdar S, Arendt LM, Phillips S, Sedic M, Kuperwasser C, Gill G. 2015. CoREST1 promotes tumor formation and tumor stroma interactions in a mouse model of breast cancer. PLoS One 10: e0121281. books

Skibinski A, Kuperwasser C. 2015. The origin of breast tumor heterogeneity. Oncogene Epub ahead of print. books

Phillips S, Kuperwasser C. 2014. SLUG: Critical regulator of epithelial cell identity in breast development and cancer. Cell Adh Migr. 8: 578-587. books

Arendt LM, St Laurent J, Wronski A, Caballero S, Lyle SR, Naber SP, Kuperwasser C. 2014. Human breast progenitor cell numbers are regulated by WNT and TBX3. PLoS One 9:e111442. books

Arendt LM, Keller PJ, Skibinski A, Goncalves K, Naber SP, Buchsbaum RJ, Gilmore H, Come SE, Kuperwasser C. 2014. Anatomical localization of progenitor cells in human breast tissue reveals enrichment of uncommitted cells within immature lobules. Breast Cancer Res. 16: 453. books

Phillips S, Prat A, Sedic M, Proia T, Wronski A, Mazumdar S, Skibinski A, Shirley SH, Perou CM, Gill G, Gupta PB, Kuperwasser C. 2014. Cell-state transitions regulated by SLUG are critical for tissue regeneration and tumor initiation. Stem Cell Reports. 2: 633-647. books

Kottakis F, Foltopoulou P, Sanidas I, Keller P, Wronski A, Dake BT, Ezell SA, Shen Z, Naber SP, Hinds PW, McNiel EA, Kuperwasser C, Tsichlis PN. 2014. NDY1/KDM2B functions as a master regulator of Polycomb complexes and controls self-renewal of breast cancer stem cells. Cancer Res. 74: 3935-3946. books

Skibinski A, Breindel JL, Prat A, Galván P, Smith E, Rolfs A, Gupta PB, Labaer J, Kuperwasser C. 2014. The hippo transducer TAZ interacts with the SWI/SNF complex to regulate breast epithelial lineage commitment. Cell Rep. 6: 1059-1072. books

McCready J, Arendt LM, Glover E, Iyer V, Briendel JL, Lyle SR, Naber SP, Jay DG, Kuperwasser C. 2014. Pregnancy-associated breast cancers are driven by differences in adipose stromal cells present during lactation. Breast Cancer Res. 16: R2. books

McLaughlin SK, Olsen SN, Dake B, De Raedt T, Lim E, Bronson RT, Beroukhim R, Polyak K, Brown M, Kuperwasser C, Cichowski K. 2013. The RasGAP gene, RASAL2, is a tumor and metastasis suppressor. Cancer Cell 24: 365-378. books

Goel HL, Pursell B, Chang C, Shaw LM, Mao J, Simin K, Kumar P, Vander Kooi CW, Shultz LD, Greiner DL, Norum JH, Toftgard R, Kuperwasser C, Mercurio AM. 2013. GLI1 regulates a novel neuropilin-2/α6β1 integrin based autocrine pathway that contributes to breast cancer initiation. EMBO Mol Med. 5: 488-508. books

Arendt LM, McCready J, Keller PJ, Baker DD, Naber SP, Seewaldt V, Kuperwasser C. 2013. Obesity promotes breast cancer by CCL2-mediated macrophage recruitment and angiogenesis. Cancer Res. 73: 6080-6093. books

Zhu C, Gupta A, Hall VL, Rayla AL, Christensen RG, Dake B, Lakshmanan A, Kuperwasser C, Stormo GD, Wolfe SA. 2013. Using defined finger-finger interfaces as units of assembly for constructing zinc-finger nucleases. Nucleic Acids Res. 41: 2455-2465. books

Brown NE, Jeselsohn R, Bihani T, Hu MG, Foltopoulou P, Kuperwasser C, Hinds PW. 2012. Cyclin d1 activity regulates autophagy and senescence in the mammary epithelium. Cancer Res. 72: 6477-6489. books

Mueller KL, Madden JM, Zoratti GL, Kuperwasser C, List K, Boerner JL. 2012. Fibroblast-secreted hepatocyte growth factor mediates epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor resistance in triple-negative breast cancers through paracrine activation of Met. Breast Cancer Res. 14: R104. Abstract in PubMed

Rudnick JA, Arendt LM, Klebba I, Hinds JW, Iyer V, Gupta PB, Naber SP, Kuperwasser C. 2012. Functional heterogeneity of breast fibroblasts is defined by a prostaglandin secretory phenotype that promotes expansion of cancer-stem like cells. PLoS One. 6: e24605. Abstract in PubMed

Keller PJ, Arendt LM, Skibinski A, Logvinenko T, Klebba I, Dong S, Smith AE, Prat A, Perou CM, Gilmore H, Schnitt S, Naber SP, Garlick JA, Kuperwasser C. 2012. Defining the cellular precursors to human breast cancer. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 109: 2772-2777. Abstract in PubMed

Gupta PB, Fillmore CM, Jiang G, Shapira SD, Tao K, Kuperwasser C, Lander ES. 2011. Stochastic state transitions give rise to phenotypic equilibrium in populations of cancer cells. Cell. 146: 633-644. Abstract in PubMed

Hwu D, Boutrus S, Greiner C, DiMeo T, Kuperwasser C, Georgakoudi I. 2011. Assessment of the role of circulating breast cancer cells in tumor formation and metastatic potential using in vivo flow cytometry. J Biomed Opt. 16: 040501. Abstract in PubMed

Chaffer CL, Brueckmann I, Scheel C, Kaestli AJ, Wiggins PA, Rodrigues LO, Brooks M, Reinhardt F, Su Y, Polyak K, Arendt LM, Kuperwasser C, Bierie B, Weinberg RA. 2011. Normal and neoplastic nonstem cells can spontaneously convert to a stem-like state. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 108: 7950-7955. Abstract in PubMed

Proia TA, Keller PJ, Gupta PB, Klebba I, Jones AD, Sedic M, Gilmore H, Tung N, Naber SP, Schnitt S, Lander ES, Kuperwasser C. 2011. Genetic predisposition directs breast cancer phenotype by dictating progenitor cell fate. Cell Stem Cell 8: 149-163.  Abstract in PubMed

Arendt LM, Rudnick JA, Keller PJ, Kuperwasser C. 2010. Stroma in breast development and disease. Semin Cell Dev Biol. 21: 11-18.  Abstract in PubMed

Kuperwasser C. 2010. The tumor stromal microenvironment as modulator of malignant behavior. J Mammary Gland Biol Neoplasia 15: 377-379. Abstract in PubMed

Xu K, Rajagopal S, Klebba I, Dong S, Ji Y, Liu J, Kuperwasser C, Garlick JA, Naber SP, Buchsbaum RJ. 2010. The role of fibroblast Tiam1 in tumor cell invasion and metastasis. Oncogene 29: 6533-6542. books

Fillmore CM, Gupta PB, Rudnick JA, Caballero S, Keller PJ, Lander ES, Kuperwasser C. 2010. Estrogen expands breast cancer stem-like cells through paracrine FGF/Tbx3 signaling. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 107: 21737-21742. books

Keller PJ, Lin AF, Arendt LM, Klebba I, Jones AD, Rudnick JA, Dimeo TA, Gilmore H, Jefferson DM, Graham RA, Naber SP, Schnitt S, Kuperwasser C. 2010. Mapping the cellular and molecular heterogeneity of normal and malignant breast tissues and cultured cell lines. Breast Cancer Res. 12: R87. books

Jeselsohn R, Brown NE, Arendt L, Klebba I, Hu MG, Kuperwasser C, Hinds PW. 2010. Cyclin D1 kinase activity is required for the self-renewal of mammary stem and progenitor cells that are targets of MMTV-ErbB2 tumorigenesis. Cancer Cell 19: 65-76.  books

Arendt LM, Rudnick JA, Keller PJ, Kuperwasser C. 2010. Stroma in breast development and disease. Semin Cell Dev Biol.  21: 11-18. books

Gupta PB, Onder TT, Jiang G, Tao K, Kuperwasser C, Weinberg RA, Lander ES. 2009. Identification of selective inhibitors of cancer stem cells by high-throughput screening Cell 138: 645-659. books

DiMeo TA, Anderson K, Fen C, Padkhe P, Naber S, Perou C, Kuperwasser C. 2009. A novel lung metastasis signature links wnt signaling with cancer cell self-renewal and the epithelial-mesenchymal transition in basal-like breast cancer. Cancer Res. 69: 5364-5373. books

Wu M, Jung L, Cooper AB, Fleet C, Chen C, Breault L, Clark K, Cai Z, Vincent S, Bottega S, Shen Q, Richardson A, Bosenburg M, Naber SP, DePinho RA, Kuperwasser C, Robinson MO. 2009. Tissue transgenic model of human breast cancer in mice. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 106: 7022-7027. books 

Maroulakou I, Oemler  W, Naber SP , Klebba  I, Kuperwasser C , Tsichlis P. 2008. Distinct roles of the three Akt isoforms in lactogenic differentiation and involution. J Cell Physiol.  217: 468–477. books

Fillmore C, Kuperwasser C. 2008. Human breast cancer cell lines contain stem-like cells with the capacity to self-renew, give rise to phenotypically diverse progeny and survive chemotherapy  Breast Cancer Res. 10: R25. books

Paulson KE, Rieger-Christ K,  McDevitt MA, Kuperwasser C, Kim J, Unanue VE, Zhang X, Hu M, Ruthazer R, Berasi SP, Huang C, Giri D, Kaufman S, Dugan JM, Blum J, Netto G, Wazer DE, Summerhayes IC, Yee AS. 2007. Alterations of the HBP1 transcriptional repressor are associated with invasive breast cancer. Cancer Res. 67: 6136-6145. books

Phung T, Eyiah-Mensah G, D’Donnell R, Schechter S, Kuperwasser C, Walsh K, Benjamin L. 2007. Endothelial Akt signaling is rate limiting for rapamycin inhibition of mouse mammary tumor progression. Cancer Res. 67: 5070-5075. books

Fillmore C, Kuperwasser C. 2007. Human breast cancer stem cell markers CD44 and CD24: enriching for cells with functional properties in mice or in man? Breast Cancer Res. 9: 303. books

Boutrus S, Hwu D, Chan M,  Kuperwasser C, Lin C, Gerogakoudi I. 2007. A portable two-color in vivo flow cytometer for real-time detection of fluorescently-labeled circulating cells. J Biomed Opt.  12: 020507. books

Gupta PB, Proia D, Weremowicz J, Naber S, Weinberg R, Kuperwasser C. 2007. Systemic stromal effects of estrogen promotes the growth of estrogen receptor-negative cancers. Cancer Res. 67: 2062-2071. books

Proia D, Kuperwasser C. 2006. Reconstruction of human mammary tissues in a mouse model. Nat Protoc 1: 206-241. books

Gupta PB, Kuperwasser C, Brunet J-P, Ramaswamy S, Naber SP, Weinberg RA. 2005. The melanocyte differentiation program predisposes for metastasis following neoplastic transformation. Nat Genet. 37: 1047-1054. books

Kuperwasser C, Dessain S, Bierbaum BE, Garnet D, Kara Sperandio K, Naber S, Weinberg RA, Rosenblatt M. 2005. A mouse model of human breast cancer metastasis to human bone. Cancer Res. 65: 6130-6138. books

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