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Julian B, Gao K, Harwood BN, Beinborn M, Kopin AS. 2016. Mutation-induced functional alterations of CCR6. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. Epub ahead of print.  books

Regna K, Kurshan PT, Harwood BN, Jenkins AM, Lai CQ, Muskavitch MA, Kopin AS, Draper I. 2016. A critical role for the Drosophila dopamine D1-like receptor Dop1R2 at the onset of metamorphosis. BMC Dev Biol. 16: 15. books

Heller D, Doyle JR, Raman VS, Beinborn M, Kumar K, Kopin AS. 2015. Novel probes establish MrgprX1 variants as loss and gain of function receptors. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 356: 276-283. books

Lane JM, Doyle JR, Fortin JP, Kopin AS, Ordovás JM. 2014. Development of an OP9 derived cell Line as a robust model to rapidly study adipocyte differentiation. PLoS One 9: e112123. books

Doyle JR, Harwood BN, Krishnaji ST, Krishnamurthy VM, Lin WE, Fortin JP, Kumar K, Kopin AS. 2014. A two-step strategy to enhance activity of low potency peptides. PLoS One 9: e110502. books

Harwood BN, Draper I, Kopin AS. 2014. Targeted inactivation of the rickets receptor in muscle compromises Drosophila viability. Exp Cell Biol. 9: e110502. books

Doyle JR, Krishnaji ST, Zhu G, Xu ZZ, Heller D, Ji RR, Levy BD, Kumar K, Kopin AS. 2014. Development of a membrane anchored chemerin receptor agonist as a novel modulator of allergic airway inflammation and neuropathic pain. J Biol Chem. 289: 13385-13396. books

Harwood BN, Fortin JP, Gao K, Chen C, Beinborn M, Kopin AS. 2013. Membrane tethered bursicon constructs as heterodimeric modulators of the Drosophila GPCR rickets. Mol Pharmacol. 83: 814-821. books

Doyle JR, Lane JM, Beinborn M, Kopin AS. 2013. Naturally occurring HCA1 missense mutations result in loss of function: Potential impact on lipid deposition. J Lipid Res. 54: 823-830. books

Doyle JR, Fortin JP, Beinborn M, Kopin AS. 2012. Selected melanocortin 1 receptor single-nucleotide polymorphisms differentially alter multiple signaling pathways. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 342: 318-326. books

Peter I, McCaffery JM, Kelley-Hedgepeth A, Hakonarson H, Reis S, Wagenknecht LE, Kopin AS, Huggins GS; Genetics Subgroup of the Look AHEAD Study. 2012. Association of type 2 diabetes susceptibility loci with one-year weight loss in the look AHEAD clinical trial. Obesity (Silver Spring). 20: 1675-1682. books

Fortin JP, Chinnapen D, Beinborn M, Lencer W, Kopin AS.  2011. Discovery of dual-action membrane-anchored modulators of incretin receptors. PLoS One. 6: e24693. books

Goldstein C, Schroeder JC, Fortin JP, Goss JM, Schaus SE, Beinborn M, Kopin AS. 2010. Two naturally occurring mutations in the type 1 melanin-concentrating hormone receptor abolish agonist-induced signaling. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 335: 799-806.  books

Fortin JP, Ci L, Schroeder J, Goldstein C, Montefusco MC, Peter I, Reis SE, Huggins GS, Beinborn M, Kopin AS. 2010. The μ-opioid receptor variant N190K is unresponsive to peptide agonists yet can be rescued by small-molecule drugs. Mol Pharmacol. 78: 837-845. books

Lavine JA, Raess PW, Davis DB, Rabaglia ME, Presley BK, Keller MP, Beinfeld MC, Kopin AS, Newgard CB, Attie AD. 2010. Contamination with E1A-positive wild-type adenovirus accounts for species-specific stimulation of islet cell proliferation by CCK: A cautionary note. Mol Endocrinol. 24: 464-467. books

Fortin JP, Schroeder JC, Zhu Y, Beinborn M, Kopin AS. 2010. Pharmacological characterization of human incretin receptor missense variants. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 332: 274-280. books

Draper I, Tabaka ME, Jackson FR, Salomon RN, Kopin AS. 2009. The evolutionarily conserved RNA binding protein SMOOTH is essential for maintaining normal muscle function. Fly (Austin) 3: 235-246. books

Choi C, Fortin JP, McCarthy E, Oksman L, Kopin AS, Nitabach MN. 2009. Cellular dissection of circadian peptide signals with genetically encoded membrane-tethered ligands. Curr Biol. 19: 1167-1175. books

Fortin JP, Zhu Y, Choi C, Beinborn M, Nitabach MN, Kopin AS. 2009. Membrane-tethered ligands are effective probes for exploring class B1 G protein-coupled receptor function. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 106: 8049-8054. books

Stanic D, Paratcha G, Ledda F, Herzog H, Kopin AS, Hökfelt T.  2008. Peptidergic influences on proliferation, migration, and placement of neural progenitors in the adult mouse forebrain. Proc Natl Acad of Sci USA 105: 3610-3615.  books

Lavine JA, Raess PW, Davis DB, Rabaglia ME, Presley BK, Keller MP, Beinfeld MC, Kopin AS, Newgard CB, Attie AD. 2008. Overexpression of pre-pro-cholecystokinin stimulates beta-cell proliferation in mouse and human islets with retention of islet function. Mol Endocrinol. 22: 2716-2728. books

Al-Fulaij MA, Ren Y, Beinborn M, Kopin AS.  2008. Pharmacological analysis of Human D1 and D2 dopamine receptor missense variants. J Mol Neurosci. 34: 211-223. books

Liu G, Fortin JP, Beinborn M, Kopin AS.  2007. Four missense mutations in the ghrelin receptor result in distinct pharmacological abnormalities. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 322: 1036-1043. books

Bi S, Chen J, Behles RR, Hyun J, Kopin A, Moran TH. 2007.  Differential body weight and feeding responses to high fat diet in rats and mice lacking cholecystokinin 1 receptors. Am J Physiol  Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 293: R55-R63. books

Al-Fulaij MA, Ren Y, Beinborn M, Kopin A.  2007. Identification of amino acid determinants of dopamine 2 receptor synthetic agonist function. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 321: 298-307. books

Draper I, Kurshan P, Moore F, McBride E, Ren Y, Beinborn M, Jackson FR, Kopin AS. 2007 Locomotor activity is regulated by D2-like receptors in Drosophila: an anatomic and functional analysis. J Neurobiol. 67: 378-393. books

Mukherjee RS, McBride EW, Beinborn M, Dunlap K, Kopin AS. 2006. Point mutations in either subunit of the GABAB receptor confer constitutive activity to the heterodimer. Mol Pharmacol. 70: 1406-1413. books

Whited KL, Thao D, Lloyd KC, Kopin AS, Raybould HE. 2006. Targeted disruption of the murine CCK1 receptor gene reduces intestinal lipid-induced feedback inhibition of gastric function. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 291: G156-G162. books

Beinborn M, Worrall CI, McBride EW, Kopin AS. 2005. A human glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor polymorphism results in reduced agonist responsiveness. Regul Pept. 130: 1-6. books

Blow NS, Salomon R, Garrity K, Reveillaud I, Kopin A, Jackson FR, Watnick P. 2005. Vibrio cholerae infection of Drosophila melanogaster mimics the human disease cholera. PLOS Pathog. 1: e8. books

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