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Hodul M, Dahlberg CL, Juo P. 2017. Function of the deubiquitinating enzyme USP46 in the nervous system and its regulation by WD40-repeat proteins. Front Synaptic Neurosci. 9:16. Abstract in PubMed

Moss BJ, Park L, Dahlberg CL, Juo P. 2016. The CaM kinase CMK-1 mediates a negative feedback mechanism coupling the C. elegans glutamate receptor GLR-1 with its own transcription. PLoS Genet. 12: e1006180. Abstract in PubMed

McGehee AM, Moss BJ, Juo P. 2015. The DAF-7/TGF-β signaling pathway regulates abundance of the Caenorhabditis elegans glutamate receptor GLR-1. Mol Cell Neurosci. 67: 66-74. Abstract in PubMed

Garafalo SD, Luth ES, Moss BJ, Monteiro MI, Malkin E, Juo P. 2015. The AP2 clathrin adaptor protein complex regulates the abundance of GLR-1 glutamate receptors in the ventral nerve cord of C. elegans. Mol Biol Cell. 26: 1887-1900. Abstract in PubMed

Dahlberg CL, Juo P. 2014. WD40-repeat proteins, WDR-20 and WDR-48, bind and activate the deubiquitinating enzyme USP-46 to promote the abundance of the glutamate receptor GLR-1 in the ventral nerve cord of C. elegans. J Biol Chem. 289: 3444-3456. books

Kowalski JR, Dube H, Touroutine D, Goodwin PR, Carozza M, Didier Z, Francis MM, Juo P. 2014. The anaphase-promoting complex (APC) ubiquitin ligase regulates GABA transmission at the C. elegans neuromuscular junction. Mol Cell Neurosci. 58:62-75. books

Goodwin PR, Juo P. 2013. The scaffolding protein SYD-2/Liprin-α regulates the mobility and polarized distribution of dense-core vesicles in C. elegans motor neurons. PLoS One 8: e54763. books

Kowalski JR, Juo P. 2012. The role of deubiquitinating enzymes in synaptic function and nervous system diseases. Neural Plast. 2012: 892749. books

Monteiro MI, Ahlawat S, Kowalski JR, Malkin E, Koushika SP, Juo P.  2012. The kinesin-3 family motor KLP-4 regulates anterograde trafficking of GLR-1 glutamate receptors in the ventral nerve cord of Caenorhabditis elegans. Mol Biol Cell 23: 3647-3662. books

Goodwin PR, Sasaki JM, Juo P 2012.  Cyclin-dependent kinase-5 regulates the polarized trafficking of neuropeptide-containing dense-core vesicles (DCVs) in C elegans motor neurons.  J Neurosci. 32: 8158-8172. books

Kowalski JR, Dahlberg CL, Juo P. 2011. The deubiquitinating enzyme USP-46 negatively regulates the degradation of glutamate receptors to control their abundance in the ventral nerve cord of Caenorhabditis elegans. J Neurosci. 31: 1341-1354. books

Juo P, Harbaugh T, Garriga G, Kaplan JM. 2007. CDK-5 regulates the abundance of GLR-1 glutamate receptors in the ventral cord of C. elegans. Mol Biol Cell. 18: 3883-3893. books

Juo P, Kaplan JM. 2004. The anaphase promoting complex regulates the abundance of GLR-1 glutamate receptors in the ventral nerve cord of C. elegans. Curr Biol. 14: 2057-2062. books

Qi H, Juo P, Masuda-Robbens J, Caloca MJ, Zhou H, Stone N, Kazanietz MG, Chou MM. 2001. Caspase-mediated cleavage of the TIAM-1 guanine nucleotide exchange factor during apoptosis. Cell Growth Differ. 12: 603-611. books

Siegmund D, Mauri D, Peters N, Juo P, Thome M, Reichwein M, Blenis J, Scheurich P, Tschopp J, Wajant H. 2001. Fas-associated death domain protein (FADD) and caspase-8 mediate up-regulation of c-fos by Fas ligand and tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) via a FLICE inhibitory protein (FLIP)-regulated pathway. J Biol Chem. 276:32585-32590. books

Chen C-Y, Juo P, Liou JS, Li C-Q, Yu Q, Blenis J, Faller DV. 2001. The recruitment of Fas-associated death domain/caspase-8 in Ras-induced apoptosis. Cell Growth Differ. 12: 297-306. books

Bodmer J-L, Holler N, Reynard S, Vinciguerra P, Schneider P, Juo P, Blenis J, Tschopp J. 2000. TRAIL receptor-2 signals apoptosis through FADD and caspase-8.  Nat Cell Biol. 2: 241-243. books

Sprick MR, Weigand MA, Rieser E, Rauch CT, Juo P, Blenis J, Krammer PH, Walczak H. 2000. FADD/MORT1 and caspase-8 are recruited to TRAIL receptors 1 and 2 and are essential for apoptosis mediated by TRAIL receptor 2.  Immunity 12: 599-609. books

Ding H-F, Lin Y-L, McGill G, Juo P, Zhu H, Blenis J, Yuan J, Fisher DE. 2000. Essential role for caspase-8 in transcription-independent apoptosis triggered by p53.  J Biol Chem. 275: 38905-38911. books

Juo P, Woo MS, Kuo CJ, Signorelli P, Biemann HP, Hannun YA, Blenis J. 1999. FADD is required for multiple signaling events downstream of the receptor Fas. Cell Growth Differ. 10: 797-804. books

Sanchez I, Xu CJ, Juo P, Kakizaka A, Blenis J, Yuan J. 1999. Caspase-8 is required for cell death induced by expanded polyglutamine repeats. Neuron 2: 623-633. books

Brunet A, Bonni A, Zigmond MJ, Lin MZ, Juo P, Hu LS, Anderson MJ, Arden KC, Blenis J, Greenberg ME. 1999. Akt promotes cell survival by phosphorylating and inhibiting a Forkhead transcription factor. Cell 96: 857-868. books

Juo P, Kuo CJ, Yuan J, Blenis J. 1998. Essential requirement for caspase-8/FLICE in the initiation of the Fas-induced apoptotic cascade. Curr Biol. 8: 1001-1008. books

Juo P, Kuo CJ, Reynolds SE, Konz RF, Raingeaud J, Davis RJ, Biemann HP, Blenis J. 1997. Fas activation of the p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase signalling pathway requires ICE/CED-3 family proteases. Mol Cell Biol. 17: 24-35. books

Chen RH, Juo PC, Curran T, Blenis J. 1996. Phosphorylation of c-Fos at the C-terminus enhances its transforming activity. Oncogene 12: 1493-1502. books

Rosen JM, Humphreys R, Krnacik S, Juo P, Raught B. 1994. The regulation of mammary gland development by hormones, growth factors, and oncogenes. Prog Clin Biol Res. 387: 95-111. books

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