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Freytsis M, Baugh L, Liu Z, Georgakoudi I, Hinds PW, Black LD, Huggins GS. 2018. Conditional deletion of RB1 in the Tie2 lineage leads to aortic valve regurgitation. PLoS One 13: e190623. books

Hinds P, Pietruska J. 2017. Senescence and tumor suppression. F1000Res. 6:2121. books

Amulic B, Knackstedt SL, Abu Abed U, Deigendesch N, Harbort CJ, Caffrey BE, Brinkmann V, Heppner FL, Hinds PW, Zychlinsky A. 2017. Cell-cycle proteins control production of neutrophil extracellular traps. Dev Cell 43: 449-462. books

Uras IZ, Scheicher RM, Kollmann K, Glösmann M, Prchal-Murphy M, Tigan AS, Fux DA, Altamura S, Neves J, Muckenthaler M, Bennett KL, Kubicek S, Hinds PW, von Lindern M, Sexl V. 2017. Cdk6 contributes to cytoskeletal stability in erythroid cells. Haematologica Epub ahead of print. books

Hinds PW. 2016. Commentary on Alfred G. Knudson, Jr.: Hereditary cancer, oncogenes, and antioncogenes. Cancer Res. 76: 2851-2853. books

Jena N, Sheng J, Hu JK, Li W, Zhou W, Lee G, Tsichlis N, Pathak A, Brown N, Deshpande A, Luo C, Hu GF, Hinds PW, Van Etten RA, Hu MG. 2016. CDK6-mediated repression of CD25 is required for induction and maintenance of Notch1-induced T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Leukemia Epub ahead of print. books

Cao J, Dai X, Wan L, Wang H, Zhang J, Goff PS, Sviderskaya EV, Xuan Z, Xu Z, Xu X, Hinds P, Flaherty KT, Faller DV, Goding CR, Wang Y, Wei W, Cui R. 2015. The E3 ligase APC/CCdh1 promotes ubiquitylation-mediated proteolysis of PAX3 to suppress melanocyte proliferation and melanoma growth. Sci Signaling 8: ra87.  books

Sedic M, Skibinski A, Brown N, Gallardo M, Mulligan P, Martinez P, Keller PJ, Glover E, Richardson AL, Cowan J, Toland AE, Ravichandran K, Riethman H, Naber SP, Näär AM, Blasco MA, Hinds PW, Kuperwasser C. 2015. Haploinsufficiency for BRCA1 leads to cell-type-specific genomic instability and premature senescence. Nat Commun. 6:7505.   books

Luo C, Pietruska JR, Sheng J, Bronson RT, Hu MG, Cui R, Hinds PW. 2015. Expression of oncogenic BRAFV 600E in melanocytes induces Schwannian differentiation in vivo. Pigment Cell Melanoma Res. 28: 603-606.  books

Sun Y, Ren W, Cote JF, Hinds PW, Hu X, Du K. 2015. ClipR-59 interacts with Elmo2 and modulates myoblast fusion. J Biol Chem. 290: 6130-6140. books

Hinds, PW. 2014. A little pRB can lead to big problems. Cancer Discov. 4: 764-765. books

Kottakis F, Foltopoulou P, Sanidas I, Keller P, Wronski A, Dake BT, Ezell SA, Shen Z, Naber SP, Hinds PW, McNiel EA, Kuperwasser C, Tsichlis PN. 2014. NDY1/KDM2B functions as a master regulator of Polycomb complexes and controls self-renewal of breast cancer stem cells. Cancer Res. 74: 3935-3946. books

Sheng J, Luo C, Jiang Y, Hinds PW, Xu Z, Hu GF. 2014. Transcription of angiogenin and ribonuclease 4 is regulated by RNA Polymerase III elements and a CCCTC-binding factor (CTCF)-dependent intragenic chromatin loop. J Biol Chem. 289: 12520-12534. books

Luo C, Sheng J, Hu MG, Haluska FG, Cui R, Xu Z, Tsichlis PN, Hu GF, Hinds PW. 2013. Loss of ARF sensitizes transgenic BRAFV600E mice to UV-induced melanoma via suppression of XPC. Cancer Res. 73: 4337-4348. books

Brown NE, Jeselsohn R, Bihani T, Hu MG, Foltopoulou P, Kuperwasser C, Hinds PW. 2012. Cyclin d1 activity regulates autophagy and senescence in the mammary epithelium. Cancer Res. 72: 6477-6489. books

Foley CJ, Luo C, O’Callaghan K, Hinds P, Covic L, Kuliopulos A. 2012. Matrix metalloprotease-1a promotes tumorigenesis and metastasis. J Biol Chem. 287: 24330-24338. books

Gündüz V, Kong E, Bryan CD, Hinds PW. 2012. Loss of the retinoblastoma tumor suppressor protein in murine calvaria facilitates immortalization of osteoblast-adipocyte bipotent progenitor cells characterized by low expression of N cadherin. Mol Cell Biol. 32: 2561-2569.

Zhang W, Vazquez B, Andreeva V, Spear D, Kong E, Hinds PW, Yelick PC. 2012. Discrete phosphorylated retinoblastoma protein isoform expression in mouse tooth development. J Mol Histol. 43: 281-288. books

Bihani T, Hinds PW. 2011. Mitosis hit with an ATM transaction fee: aurora B-mediated activation of ATM during mitosis. Mol Cell 44: 513-514. books

Hinds PW. 2011. Unbearable stress: collapse of the SSeCKS/AKAP12 scaffold leads to senescence and transformation. Cell Cycle 10: 2833-2834. books

Hu MG, Deshpande A, Schlichting N, Hinds EA, Mao C, Dose M, Hu GF, Van Etten RA, Gounari F, Hinds PW. 2011. CDK6 kinase activity is required for thymocyte development. Blood. 117: 6120-6131. books

Huang M, Sage C, Tang Y, Lee SG, Petrillo M, Hinds PW, Chen ZY. 2011. Overlapping and distinct pRb pathways in the mammalian auditory and vestibular organs. Cell Cycle 10: 337-351. books

Sosa-García B, Gunduz V, Vázquez-Rivera V, Cress WD, Wright G, Bian H, Hinds PW, Santiago-Cardona PG. 2010. A role for the retinoblastoma protein as a regulator of mouse osteoblast cell adhesion: implications for osteogenesis and osteosarcoma formation. PLoS One 5: e13954. books

Mao D, Hinds PW. 2010. p35 is required for CDK5 activation in cellular senescence. J Biol Chem. 285: 14671-14680. books

Jeselsohn R, Brown NE, Arendt l, Klebba I, Hu MG, Kuperwasser C, Hinds PW. 2010. Cyclin D1 kinase activity is required for the self-renewal of mammary stem and progenitor cells that are targets of MMTV-ErbB2 tumorigenesis. Cancer Cell 65-76. books

Lazebnik MB, Tussie-Luna MI, Hinds PW, Roy AL. 2009. Williams-Beuren syndrome-associated transcription factor TFII-I regulates osteogenic marker genes. J Biol Chem. 284: 36234-36239. books

Hinds PW. 2009. Keeping quiet: a key role for dipeptidyl peptidase 2. Cell Cycle 8: 2683-2684. books

Kohrt DM, Crary JI, Gocheva V, Hinds PW, Grossel MJ. 2009. Distinct subcellular distribution of cyclin dependent kinase 6. Cell Cycle 8: 2837-2843. books

Goel VK, Ibrahim N, Jiang G, Singhal M, Fee S, Flotte T, Westmoreland S, Haluska FS, Hinds PW, Haluska FG. 2009. Melanocytic nevus-like hyperplasia and melanoma in transgenic BRAFV600E mice. Oncogene 28: 2289-2298. books

Hu MG, Deshpande A, Enos M, Mao D, Hinds EA, Hu GF, Chang R, Guo Z, Dose M, Mao C, Tsichlis PN, Gounari F, Hinds PW. 2009. A requirement for cyclin-dependent kinase 6 in thymocyte development and tumorigenesis. Cancer Res. 69: 810-818. books

Zhang X, Neganova I, Przyborski S, Yang C, Cooke M, Atkinson SP, Anyfantis G, Fenyk S, Keith WN, Hoare SF, Hughes O, Strachan T, Stojkovic M, Hinds PW, Armstrong L, Lako M. 2009. A role for NANOG in G1 to S transition in human embryonic stem cells through direct binding of CDK6 and CDC25A. J Cell Biol. 184: 67-82. books

Gutierrez GM, Kong E, Sabbagh Y, Brown NE, Lee JS, Demay MB, Thomas DM, Hinds PW. 2008. Impaired bone development and increased mesenchymal progenitor cells in calvaria of RB1-/- mice.  Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 105: 18402-18407. books

Piscopo DM, Hinds PW. 2008. A role for the cyclin box in the ubiquitin-mediated degradation of cyclin G1. Cancer Res. 68: 5581-5590. books

Hinds PW. 2008. Too much of a good thing: the Prl-3 in p53's oyster. Mol Cell 30: 260-261. books

Wang Y, Ray SK, Hinds PW, Leiter AB. 2007. The retinoblastoma protein, RB, is required for gastrointestinal endocrine cells to exit the cell cycle, but not for hormone expression. Dev biol. 311: 478-486. books

Landis MW, Brown NE, Baker GL, Shifrin A, Das M, Geng Y, Sicinski P, Hinds PW. 2007. The LxCxE pRb interaction domain of cyclin D1 is dispensable for murine development.. Cancer Res. 67: 7613-7620. books

Tsichlis PN, Hatziapostolou M, Hinds PW. 2007. Timing is everything: regulation of Cdk1 and aneuploidy.  Dev Cell 12: 477-479. books

Yang HS, Hinds PW. 2007. pRb-mediated control of epithelial cell proliferation and Indian hedgehog expression in mouse intestinal development. BMC Dev Biol. 7:6. books

Deshpande A, Hinds PW. 2006. The retinoblastoma protein in osteoblast differentiation and osteosarcoma. Curr Mol Med. 6: 809-817. books

Lee JS, Thomas DM, Gutierrez G, Carty SA, Yanagawa S, Hinds PW. 2006. HES1 cooperates with pRb to activate RUNX2-dependent transcription. J Bone Miner Res. 21: 921-933. books

Hinds PW. 2006. A confederacy of kinases: Cdk2 and Cdk4 conspire to control embryonic cell proliferation. Mol Cell 22: 432-433. books

Sage C, Huang M, Vollrath MA, Brown MC, Hinds PW, Corey DP, Vetter DE, Chen ZY. 2006. Essential role of retinoblastoma protein in mammalian hair cell development and hearing. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 103: 7345-7350. books

Yang HS, Hinds PW. 2006. Phosphorylation of ezrin by cyclin-dependent kinase 5 induces the release of Rho GDP dissociation inhibitor to inhibit Rac1 activity in senescent cells. Cancer Res 66: 2708-2715. books

Landis MW, Pawlyk BS, Li T, Sicinski P, Hinds PW. 2006. Cyclin D1-dependent kinase activity in murine development and mammary tumorigenesis. Cancer Cell 9: 13-22. books

Grossel MJ, Hinds PW. 2006. From cell cycle to differentiation: an expanding role for cdk6. Cell Cycle 5: 266-270. books

Grossel MJ, Hinds PW. 2006. Beyond the cell cycle: a new role for Cdk6 in differentiation. J Cell Biochem 97: 485-493. books

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