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Richards AL, Sollars PJ, Pitts JD, Stults AM, Heldwein EE, Pickard GE, Smith GA. 2017. The pUL37 tegument protein guides alpha-herpesvirus retrograde axonal transport to promote neuroinvasion. PLoS Pathog. 13: e1006741. books

Koenigsberg AL, Heldwe 2017. in EE. 2017. Crystal structure of the N-terminal half of the traffic controller UL37 from Herpes Simplex virus Type 1. J Virol. Epub ahead of print. books

Wang P, Yu Z, Santangelo TJ, Olesik J, Wang Y, Heldwein E, Li X. 2017. BosR is a novel Fur family member responsive to copper and regulating copper homeostasis in Borrelia burgdorferi. J Bacteriol. Epub ahead of print. books

Bigalke JM, Heldwein EE. 2017. Have NEC coat, will travel: Structural basis of membrane budding during nuclear egress in herpesviruses. Adv Virus Res. 97:107-141. books

Rogalin HB, Heldwein EE. 2016. Characterization of VSV pseudotypes bearing essential entry glycoproteins gB, gD, gH, and gL of Herpes Simplex virus Type 1. J Virol. Epub ahead of print. books

Biglake JM, Heldwein EE. 2016. Expression, purification and crystallization of the herpesvirus nuclear egress complex (NEC). Bio Protoc 6: e1872. books

Bigalke JM, Heldwein EE. 2016. Nuclear exodus: Herpesviruses lead the way. Annu Rev Virol. Epub ahead of print. books

Metrick CM, Heldwein EE. 2016. The novel structure and unexpected RNA-binding ability of the C-terminal domain of HSV-1 tegument protein UL21. J Virol. 90: 5759-69.  Erratum: J Virol. 90: 7007-7008. books

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Heldwein EE. 2016. gH/gL supercomplexes at early stages of herpesvirus entry. Curr Opin Virol. 18: 1-8. books

Cooper RS, Heldwein EE. 2015. Herpesvirus gB: A finely tuned fusion machine. Viruses 7: 6552-6569.  books

Bigalke JM, Heldwein EE. 2015. Structural basis of membrane budding by the nuclear egress complex of herpesviruses. EMBO J. 34: 2921-2936.  books

Burke HG, Heldwein EE 2015. Crystal structure of the human cytomegalovirus glycoprotein B. PLoS Pathog. 11: e1005227.  books

Rogalin HB, Heldwein EE. 2015. The interplay between the HSV-1 gB cytodomains and the gH cytotail during cell-cell fusion. J Virol. 89: 12262-12272. books

Bigalke JM, Heldwein EE. 2015. The great (nuclear) escape: new insights into the role of the nuclear egress complex of herpesviruses. J Virol. 89: 9150-9153. books

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Stampfer SD, Heldwein EE. Expression, purification, and crystallization of HSV-1 glycoproteins for dtructure determination. Methods Mol Biol. 1144: 249-263. books

Pitts JD, Klabis J, Richards AL, Smith GA, Heldwein EE. 2014. Crystal structure of the herpesvirus inner tegument protein UL37 supports its essential role in control of viral trafficking. J Virol. 88: 5462-5473. books

Silverman JL, Heldwein EE. 2013. Mutations in the cytoplasmic tail of HSV-1 gH reduce the fusogenicity of gB in transfected cells. J Virol. 87: 10139-10147. books

Vitu E, Sharma S, Stampfer SD, Heldwein EE. 2013. Extensive mutagenesis of the HSV-1 gB ectodomain reveals remarkable stability of its postfusion form. J Mol Biol. 425: 2056-2071. books

Sharma S, Wisner TW, Johnson DC, Heldwein EE. 2013. HCMV gB shares structural and functional properties with gB proteins from other herpesviruses. Virology 435: 239-249. books

Stampfer SD, Heldwein EE. 2013. Stuck in the middle: structural insights into the role of the gH/gL heterodimer in herpesvirus entry. Curr Opin Virol. 3: 13-19. books

Silverman JL, Greene NG, King DS, Heldwein EE. 2012. Membrane requirement for the folding of the HSV-1 gB cytodomain suggests a unique mechanism of fusion regulation. J Virol. 86: 8171-8174.  books

Cairns TM, Whitbeck JC, Lou H, Heldwein EE, Chowdary TK, Eisenberg RJ, Cohen GH. 2011. Capturing the herpes simplex virus core fusion complex (gB-gH/gL) in an acidic environment. J Virol. 85: 6175-6184. books

Stampfer SD, Lou H, Cohen GH, Eisenberg RJ, Heldwein EE. Structural basis of local, pH-dependent conformational changes in glycoprotein B from Herpes Simplex virus 1. J Virol 84: 12924-12933. books

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Silverman JL, Sharma S, Cairns TM, Heldwein EE. 2009. Fusion-null insertion mutants of HSV-1 gB adopt the trimeric postfusion conformation. J Virol. 84:2001-2012. Abstract in PubMed

Heldwein EE. 2009. Entry of herpesviruses into cells: more than one way to pull the trigger. Structure 17: 147-149. Abstract in PubMed

Heldwein EE, Krummenacher C. 2008. Entry of herpesviruses into mammalian cells. Cell Mol Life Sci. 65: 1653-1658.  books

Hannah BP, Heldwein EE, Bender FC, Cohen GH, Eisenberg RJ. 2007. Mutational Evidence of Internal Fusion Loops in HSV glycoprotein B. J Virol. 81: 4858-4865. books

Bender FC, Samanta M, Heldwein EE, deLeon, MP, Lou H, Bilman E, Whitbeck JC, Eisenberg RJ, Cohen GH. 2007. Antigenic and mutational analyses of herpes simplex virus glycoprotein B reveal four functional regions. J Virol. 81: 3827-3841. books

Heldwein EE, Lou H, Bender FC, Cohen GH, Eisenberg RJ, Harrison SC. 2006. Crystal structure of glycoprotein B from herpes simplex virus 1. Science 313: 217-220. books

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