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Yang X, Gong Y, He Q, Licht JD, Liaw L, Friesel RE. 2017. Loss of Spry1 attenuates vascular smooth muscle proliferation by impairing mitogen-mediated changes in cell cycle regulatory circuits. J Biol Chem. Epub ahead of print. books

Caron JM, Ames JJ, Contois L, Liebes L, Friesel R, Muggia F, Vary CP, Oxburgh L, Brooks PC. 2016. Inhibition of ovarian tumor growth by targeting the HU177 cryptic collagen epitope. Am J Pathol. 186: 1649-1661. books

Jing H, Liaw L, Friesel R, Vary C, Hua S, Yang X. 2016. Suppression of Spry4 enhances cancer stem cell properties of human MDA-MB-231 breast carcinoma cells. Cancer Cell Int. 16:19. books

He Q, Gong Y, Gower L, Yang X, Friesel RE. 2016. Sef regulates epithelial-mesenchymal transition in breast cancer cells. J Cell Biochem. 117: 2346-2356. books

Liaw L, Prudovsky I, Koza RA, Anunciado-Koza RV, Siviski ME, Lindner V, Friesel RE, Rosen CJ, Baker PR, Simons B, Vary CP. 2016. Lipid profiling of in vitro cell models of adipogenic differentiation: Relationships with mouse adipose tissues. J Cell Biochem. 117: 2182-2193. books

Ames JJ, Contois L, Caron JM, Tweedie E, Yang X, Friesel R, Vary C, Brooks PC. 2015. Identification of an endogenously generated cryptic collagen epitope (XL313) that may selectively regulate angiogenesis by an integrin Yes-associated protein (YAP) mechano-transduction pathway. J Biol Chem. 291: 2731-2750. books

Muthukrishnan SD, Yang X, Friesel R, Oxburgh L. 2015. Concurrent BMP7 and FGF9 signalling governs AP-1 function to promote self-renewal of nephron progenitor cells. Nat Commun. 6: 10027. books

Yang X, Liaw L, Prudovsky I, Brooks PC, Vary C, Oxburgh L, Friesel R. 2015. Fibroblast growth factor signaling in the vasculature. Curr Atheroscler Rep. 17: 509.  books

Contois LW, Akalu A, Caron JM, Tweedie E, Cretu A, Henderson T, Liaw L, Friesel R, Vary C, Brooks PC. 2014. Inhibition of tumor-associated αvβ3 integrin regulates the angiogenic switch by enhancing expression of IGFBP-4 leading to reduced melanoma growth and angiogenesis in vivo. Angiogenesis 18: 31-46. books

Marks PC, Preda M, Henderson T, Liaw L, Lindner V, Friesel RE, Pinz IM. 2013. Interactive 3D analysis of blood vessel trees and collateral vessel volumes in magnetic resonance angiograms in the mouse ischemic hindlimb model. Open Med Imaging 7: 19-27.  books

He Q, Yang X, Gong Y, Kovalenko D, Canalis E, Rosen CJ, Friesel RE. Deficiency of Sef is associated with increased postnatal cortical bone mass by regulating Runx2 activity. J Bone Miner Res. 29: 1217-1231.  books

Poole A, Knowland N, Cooper E, Cole R, Wang H, Booth L, Kacer D, Tarantini F, Friesel R, Prudovsky I. 2014. Transitory FGF treatment results in the long-lasting suppression of the proliferative response to repeated FGF stimulation. J Cell Biochem. 115: 874-888.  books

Gong Y, Yang X, He Q, Gower L, Prudovsky I, Vary CP, Brooks PC, Friesel RE. 2013. Sprouty4 regulates endothelial cell migration via modulating integrin β3 stability through c-Src. Angiogenesis 16: 861-875.  books

Yang X, Gong Y, Tang Y, Li H, He Q, Gower L, Liaw L, Friesel RE. 2013. pry1 and Spry4 differentially regulate human aortic smooth muscle cell phenotype via Akt/FoxO/myocardin signaling. PLoS One 8: e58746. books

Contois LW, Nugent DP, Caron JM, Cretu A, Tweedie E, Akalu A, Liebes L, Friesel R, Rosen C, Vary C, Brooks PC. 2012. Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-4 differentially inhibits growth factor-induced angiogenesis. J Biol Chem. 287: 1779-1789. books

Tang Y, Yang X, Friesel RE, Vary CP, Liaw L. 2011. Mechanisms of TGF-β-induced differentiation in human vascular smooth muscle cells. J Vasc Res. 48: 485-494. books

Brown AC, Adams D, de Caestecker M, Yang X, Friesel R, Oxburgh L. 2011. FGF/EGF signaling regulates the renewal of early nephron progenitors during embryonic development. Development. 138: 5099-5112. books

Kacer D, McIntire C, Kirov A, Kany E, Roth J, Liaw L, Small D, Friesel R, Basilico C, Tarantini F, Verdi J, Prudovsky I. 2011. Regulation of nonclassical fgf1 release and fgf-dependent cell transformation by CBF1-mediated notch signaling. J Cell Physiol., 226: 3064-3075. books

Karaczyn A, Bani-Yaghoub M, Tremblay R, Kubu C, Cowling R, Adams TL, Prudovsky I, Spicer D, Friesel R, Vary C, Verdi JM. 2010. Two novel human NUMB isoforms provide a potential link between development and cancer. Neural Dev. 5: 31. books

Tang Y, Harrington A, Yang X, Friesel RE, Liaw L. 2010. The contribution of the Tie2+ lineage to primitive and definitive hematopoietic cells. Genesis. 48: 563-567. books

Yang X, Kilgallen S, Andreeva V, Spicer DB, Pinz I, Friesel R. 2010. Conditional expression of Spry1 in neural crest causes craniofacial and cardiac defects. BMC Dev Biol. 10: 48. books

Urs S, Venkatesh D, Tang Y, Henderson T, Yang X, Friesel RE, Rosen CJ, Liaw L. 2010. Sprouty1 is a critical regulatory switch of mesenchymal stem cell lineage allocation. FASEB J. 24: 3264-3273. books

Lee S, Bui Nguyen TM, Kovalenko D, Adhikari N, Grindle S, Polster SP, Friesel R, Ramakrishnan S, Hall JL. 2010. Sprouty1 inhibits angiogenesis in association with up-regulation of p21 and p27. Mol Cell Biochem. 338: 255-261. books

Chen PY, Simons M, Friesel R. 2009. FRS2 via fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 is required for platelet-derived growth factor receptor beta-mediated regulation of vascular smooth muscle marker gene expression. J Biol Chem. 284: 15980-15992. books

Chen PY, Friesel R. 2009. FGFR1 forms an FRS2-dependent complex with mTOR to regulate smooth muscle marker gene expression. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 382: 424-429. books

Duarte M, Kolev V, Kacer D, Mouta-Bellum C, Soldi R, Graziani I, Kirov A, Friesel R, Liaw L, Small D, Verdi J, Maciag T, Prudovsky I. 2008. Novel cross-talk between three cardiovascular regulators: thrombin cleavage fragment of Jagged1 induces fibroblast growth factor 1 expression and release. Mol Biol Cell. 19: 4863-4874. books

Yang X, Harkins LK, Zubanova O, Harrington A, Kovalenko D, Nadeau RJ, Chen PY, Toher JL, Lindner V, Liaw L, Friesel R. 2008. Overexpression of Spry1 in chondrocytes causes attenuated FGFR ubiquitination and sustained ERK activation resulting in chondrodysplasia. Dev Biol. 321: 64-76. books

Connerney J, Andreeva V, Leshem Y, Mercado MA, Dowell K, Yang X, Lindner V, Friesel RE, Spicer DB. 2008. Twist1 homodimers enhance FGF responsiveness of the cranial sutures and promote suture closure. Dev Biol. 318: 323-334. books

Nikopoulos GN, Duarte M, Kubu CJ, Bellum S, Friesel R, Maciag T, Prudovsky I, Verdi JM. 2007. Soluble Jagged1 attenuates lateral inhibition, allowing for the clonal expansion of neural crest stem cells. Stem Cells. 25: 3133-3142. books

O'Neill CF, Urs S, Cinelli C, Lincoln A, Nadeau RJ, León R, Toher J, Mouta-Bellum C, Friesel RE, Liaw L. 2007. Notch2 signaling induces apoptosis and inhibits human MDA-MB-231 xenograft growth. Am J Pathol. 171: 1023-1036. books

Duarte M, Kolev V, Soldi R, Kirov A, Graziani I, Oliveira SM, Kacer D, Friesel R, Maciag T, Prudovsky I. 2006. Thrombin induces rapid PAR1-mediated non-classical FGF1 release. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 350: 604-609. books


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