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McGuire C, Stransky L, Cotter K, Forgac M. 2017. Regulation of V-ATPase actiity. Front Biosci. 22:609-622.  Abstract in PubMed

Cotter K, Liberman R, Sun-Wada G, Wada Y, Sgroi D, Naber S, Brown D, Breton S, Forgac M. 2016. The a3 isoform of subunit a of the vacuolar ATPase localizes to the plasma membrane of invasive breast tumor cells and is overexpressed in human breast cancer. Oncotarget Epub ahead of print.   Abstract in PubMed

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Liberman R, Bond S, Shainheit MG, Stadecker MJ, Forgac M. 2014. Regulated assembly of the V-ATPase is increased during cluster disruption-induced maturation of dendritic cells through a PI-3 Kinase/mTOR-dependent pathway. J Biol Chem. 289: 1355-1362. Abstract in PubMed

Capecci J, Forgac M. 2013. J Biol Chem. Function of V-ATPase a subunit isoforms in invasiveness of MCF10a and MCF10CA1a human breast cancer cells. 288: 32731-32741. Abstract in PubMed

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