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Vassoler FM, Toorie AM, Byrnes EM. 2017. Brain Res. Transgenerational blunting of morphine-induced corticosterone secretion is associated with dysregulated gene expression in male offspring. Epub ahead of print. books

Vassoler FM, Oliver DJ, Wyse C, Blau A, Shtutman M, Turner JR, Byrnes EM. 2016. Transgenerational attenuation of opioid self-administration as a consequence of adolescent morphine exposure. Neuropharmacology 113(Pt A): 271-280. books

Bless EP, Yang J, Acharya KD, Nettles SA, Vassoler FM, Byrnes EM, Tetel MJ. 2016. Adult neurogenesis in the female mouse yypothalamus: Estradiol and high-fat diet alter the generation of newborn neurons expressing estrogen receptor α. eNeuro. pii: ENEURO.0027-16. books

Byrnes JJ, Gleason ED, Schoen MK, Lovelock DF, Carini LM, Byrnes EM, Bridges RS. 2016. Corrigendum to "Accelerated maternal responding following intra-VTA pertussis toxin treatment." Behav Brain Res. 303: 238. books

Bodi CM, Vassoler FM, Byrnes EM. 2016. Adolescent experience affects postnatal ultrasonic vocalizations and gene expression in future offspring. Dev Psychobiol. 58: 714-723. books

Vassoler FM, Wright SJ, Byrnes EM. 2015. Exposure to opiates in female adolescents alters mu opiate receptor expression and increases the rewarding effects of morphine in future offspring. Neuropharmacology. 103: 112-121. books

Meadows KL, Byrnes EM. 2015. Sex- and age-specific differences in relaxin family peptide receptor expression within the hippocampus and amygdala in rats. Neuroscience 284: 337-348. books

Ravenelle R, Santolucito HB, Byrnes EM, Byrnes JJ, Donaldson ST. 2014. Housing environment modulates physiological and behavioral responses to anxiogenic stimuli in trait anxiety male rats. Neuroscience 270: 76-87. books

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Byrnes EM, Casey K, Bridges RS. 2012. Reproductive experience modifies the effects of estrogen receptor alpha activity on anxiety-like behavior and corticotropin releasing hormone mRNA expression. Horm Behav. 61: 44-49. books

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Nephew BC, Byrnes EM, Bridges RS. 2010. Vasopressin mediates enhanced offspring protection in multiparous rats. Neuropharmacology 58: 102-106. books

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Byrnes EM, Bridges RS. 2006. Reproductive experience alters anxiety-like behavior in the female rat. Horm Behav. 50: 70-76. books

Bridges RS, Byrnes EM. 2006. Reproductive experience reduces circulating 17beta-estradiol and prolactin levels during proestrus and alters estrogen sensitivity in female rats. Endocrinology 147:2575-2582. books

Byrnes EM. 2005. Transgenerational consequences of adolescent morphine exposure in female rats: effects on anxiety-like behaviors and morphine sensitization in adult offspring. Psychopharmacology (Berl). 182: 537-544. books

Byrnes EM, Bridges RS. 2005. Lactation reduces prolactin levels in reproductively experienced female rats. Horm Behav. 48: 278-282. books

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Byrnes EM, Rigero BA, Bridges RS. 2002. Dopamine antagonists during parturition disrupt maternal care and the retention of maternal behavior in rats. Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 73: 869-75. books

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