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Shih J, Dulla CG. 2018. The THIK and thin of microglia dynamics. Neuron 97: 253-255. books

Raimondo JV, Heinemann U, de Curtis M, Goodkin HP, Dulla CG, Janigro D, Ikeda A, Lin CK, Jiruska P, Galanopoulou AS, Bernard C. 2017. Methodological standards for in vitro models of epilepsy and epileptic seizures. A TASK1-WG4 report of the AES/ILAE Translational Task Force of the ILAE. Epilepsia Suppl 4: 40-52.  Abstract in PubMed

Lau LA, Noubary F, Wang D, Dulla CG. 2017. α2δ-1 signaling drives cell death, synaptogenesis, circuit reorganization, and gabapentin-mediated neuroprotection in a model of insult-induced cortical malformation. eNeuro eCollection Sept-Oct.  Abstract in PubMed

Pirone A, Alexander J, Lau LA, Hampton D, Zayachkivsky A, Yee A, Yee A, Jacob MH, Dulla CG. 2016. APC conditional knock-out mouse is a model of infantile spasms with elevated neuronal β-catenin levels, neonatal spasms, and chronic seizures. Neurobiol Dis. 98: 149-157.  Abstract in PubMed

Armbruster M, Hanson E, Dulla CG. 2016. Glutamate clearance is locally modulated by presynaptic neuronal activity in the cerebral cortex. J Neurosci. 36: 10404-10415.   Abstract in PubMed

Park KA, Ribic A, Laage Gaupp FM, Coman D, Huang Y, Dulla CG, Hyder F, Biederer T. 2016. Excitatory synaptic drive and feedforward inhibition in the hippocampal CA3 circuit are regulated by SynCAM 1. J Neurosci. 36: 7464-7475.  Abstract in PubMed

Hanson E, Danbolt NC, Dulla CG. 2016. Astrocyte membrane properties are altered in a rat model of developmental cortical malformation but single-cell astrocytic glutamate uptake is robust. Neurobiol Dis. 89: 157-168.  Abstract in PubMed

Dulla CG, Coulter DA, Ziburkus J. 2015. From molecular circuit dysfunction to disease: Case studies in epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, and Alzheimer's disease. Neuroscientist. 22: 295-312. Abstract in PubMed

Hanson E, Armbruster M, Cantu D, Andresen L, Taylor A, Danbolt NC, Dulla CG. 2015. Astrocytic glutamate uptake is slow and does not limit neuronal NMDA receptor activation in the neonatal neocortex. Glia 63: 1784-1796. Abstract in PubMed

Armbruster M, Hampton D, Yang Y, Dulla CG. 2014. Laser-scanning astrocyte mapping reveals increased glutamate-responsive domain size and disrupted maturation of glutamate uptake following neonatal cortical freeze-lesion. Front Cell Neurosci. 8:277. Abstract in PubMed

Andresen L, Hampton D, Taylor A, Morel L, Yang Y, Maguire J, Dulla CG. 2014. Gabapentin attenuates hyperexcitability in the freeze-lesion model of developmental cortical malformation. Neurobiol Dis. 71: 305-316. Abstract in PubMed

Cantu D, Walker K, Andresen L, Taylor-Weiner A, Hampton D, Tesco G, Dulla CG. 2014. Traumatic brain injury increases cortical glutamate network activity by compromising GABAergic control. Cereb Cortex 25: 2306-2320. Abstract in PubMed

Tani H, Dulla CG, Farzampour Z, Taylor-Weiner A, Huguenard JR, Reimer RJ. 2014. A local glutamate-glutamine cycle sustains synaptic excitatory transmitter release. Neuron 81: 888-900. Abstract in PubMed

Higashimori H, Morel L, Huth J, Lindemann L, Dulla C, Taylor A, Freeman M, Yang Y. 2013. Astroglial FMRP-dependent translational down-regulation of mGluR5 underlies glutamate transporter GLT1 dysregulation in the Fragile X mouse. Hum Mol Genet. 22: 2041-2054. Abstract in PubMed

Dulla CG, Tani H, Brill J, Reimer RJ, Huguenard JR. 2012. Glutamate biosensor imaging reveals dysregulation of glutamatergic pathways in a model of developmental cortical malformation. Neurobiol Dis. 49C: 232-246.  books

Tani H, Dulla CG, Huguenard JR, Reimer RJ. 2010. Glutamine is required for persistent epileptiform activity in the disinhibited neocortical brain slice. J Neurosci. 30: 1288-1300.  books

Dulla CG, Huguenard JR. Who let the spikes out? 2009. Nat Neurosci. 12: 959-960.  books

Dulla CG, Frenguelli BG, Staley KJ, Masino SA. 2009. Intracellular acidification causes adenosine release during states of hyperexcitability in the hippocampus. J Neurophysiol. 102: 1984-1993.  books

Dulla C, Tani H, Okumoto S, Frommer WB, Reimer RJ, Huguenard JR. 2008. Imaging of glutamate in brain slices using FRET sensors. J Neurosci Methods. 168: 306-319.  books

Dulla CG, Dobelis P, Pearson T, Frenguelli BG, Staley KJ, Masino SA. 2005. Adenosine and ATP link PCO2 to cortical excitability via pH. Neuron 48: 1011-1023.  books

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