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DeCicco RePass MA, Bhat N, Molinaro JH, Bunnell S, Cummings RD, Ward HD. 2018. Molecular cloning, expression, and characterization of UDP N-acetyl-α-D-galactosamine: polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 4 from Cryptosporidium parvum. Mol Biochem Parasitol. Epub ahead of print. books

Kalantari P, Morales Y, Miller EA, Jaramillo LD, Ponichtera HE, Wuethrich MA, Cheong C, Seminario MC, Russo JM, Bunnell SC, Stadecker MJ. 2018. CD209a synergizes with Dectin-2 and mincle to drive severe Th17 cell-mediated schistosome egg-induced immunopathology. Cell Rep. 22: 1288-1300. Abstract in PubMed

Killpack TL, Ballesteros M, Bunnell SC, Bedugnis A, Kobzik L, Hu LT, Petnicki-Ocwieja T. 2017. Phagocytic receptors activate Syk and Src signaling during Borrelia burgdorferi phagocytosis. Infect Immun. Epub ahead of print. books

Petnicki-Ocwieja T, Kern A, Killpack TL, Bunnell SC, Hu LT. 2015. Adaptor protein-3-mediated trafficking of TLR2 ligands controls specificity of inflammatory responses but not adaptor complex assembly. J Immunol. 195: 4331-4340. books

Fray MA, Bunnell SC. 2014. p53 Keeps Bystanders at the Gates. Immunity 40: 633-635. Abstract in PubMed

Ponichtera HE, Shainheit MG, Liu BC, Raychowdhury R, Larkin BM, Russo JM, Salantes DB, Lai CQ, Parnell LD, Yun TJ, Cheong C, Bunnell SC, Hacohen N, Stadecker MJ. 2014. CD209a expression on dendritic cells Is critical for the development of pathogenic Th17 cell responses in murine schistosomiasis. J Immunol. 192: 4655-4665 Abstract in PubMed

Cruz-Orcutt N, Vacaflores A, Connolly SF, Bunnell SC, Houtman JC. 2014. Activated PLC-γ1 is catalytically induced at LAT but activated PLC-γ1 is localized at both LAT- and TCR-containing complexes. Cell Signal. 26: 797-805. books

Ophir MJ, Liu BC, Bunnell SC. 2013. The N terminus of SKAP55 enables T cell adhesion to TCR and integrin ligands via distinct mechanisms. J Cell Biol. 203: 1021-1041. books

Molano A, Huang Z, Marko MG, Azzi A, Wu D, Wang E, Kelly SL, Merrill AH Jr, Bunnell SC, Meydani SN. 2012. Age-dependent changes in the sphingolipid composition of mouse CD4+ T cell membranes and immune synapses implicate glucosylceramides in age-related T cell dysfunction. PLoS One 7: e47650. books

Sylvain NR, Nguyen K, Bunnell SC.  2011. Vav1-mediated scaffolding interactions stabilize SLP-76 microclusters and contribute to antigen-dependent T cell responses. Sci Signal. 4: ra14. books

Barr VA, Bunnell SC. 2010. Interference reflection microscopy. Curr Protoc Cell Biol. 2009 Dec;Chapter 4:Unit 4.23. books

Bunnell, SC. 2010. Multiple microclusters: diverse compartments within the immune synapse. Curr Top Microbiol Immunol. 340: 123-154. books

Bunnell, SC.  2009. A view to a kill: how ligand quality controls lethal hits. Immunity 31: 531-533. books

Sacristán C, Schattgen SA, Berg LJ, Bunnell SC, Roy AL, Rosenstein Y. 2009. Characterization of a novel interaction between transcription factor TFII-I and the inducible tyrosine kinase in T cells. Eur J Immunol 39: 2584-2595. books 

Marko MG, Pang HJ, Ren Z, Azzi A, Huber BT, Bunnell SC, Meydani SN. 2009. Vitamin E reverses impaired linker for activation of T cells activation in T cells from aged C57BL/6 mice. J Nutr 139: 1192-1197. books

Nguyen K, Sylvain NR, Bunnell SC. 2008. T-cell costimulation via the integrin VLA-4 inhibits the actin-dependent centralization of signaling microclusters containing the adaptor SLP-76. Immunity 28: 810-821. books

Seminario MC, Bunnell SC. 2008. Signal initiation in T-cell receptor microclusters. Immunol Rev 221: 90-106. books

Marko MG, Ahmed T, Bunnell SC, Wu D, Chung H, Huber BT, Meydani SN 2007. Age-associated decline in effective immune synapse formation of CD4(+) T cells is reversed by vitamin E supplementation. J Immunol 178: 1443-1449. books

Morley SC, Sung J, Sun GP, Martelli MP, Bunnell SC, Bierer BE. 2007. Gelsolin overexpression alters actin dynamics and tyrosine phosphorylation of lipid raft-associated proteins in Jurkat T cells. Mol Immunol 44: 2469-2480. books

Bunnell SC, Singer AL, Hong DI, Jacque BH, Jordan MS, Seminario MC, Barr VA, Koretzky GA, Samelson LE. 2006. Persistence of cooperatively stabilized signaling clusters drives T-cell activation. Mol Cell Biol 26: 7155-7166. books

Barr VA, Balagopalan L, Barda-Saad M, Polishchuk R, Boukari H, Bunnell SC, Bernot KM, Toda Y, Nossal R, Samelson LE. 2006. T-cell antigen receptor-induced signaling complexes: internalization via a cholesterol-dependent endocytic pathway. Traffic 7: 1143-1162. books

Zipfel PA, Bunnell SC, Witherow DS, Gu JJ, Chislock EM, Ring C, Pendergast AM. 2006. Role for the Abi/wave protein complex in T cell receptor-mediated proliferation and cytoskeletal remodeling. Curr Biol 16: 35-46. books

Barda-Saad M, Braiman A, Titerence R, Bunnell SC, Barr VA, Samelson, LE. 2005. Dynamic interactions linking the T cell receptor to the actin cytoskeleton. Nat Immunol 6: 80-89. books

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