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Xu K, Tian X, Oh SY, Movassaghi M, Naber SP, Kuperwasser C, Buchsbaum RJ. 2016. The fibroblast Tiam1-osteopontin pathway modulates breast cancer invasion and metastasis. Breast Cancer Res. 18: 14.   books

Schubert SM, Arendt LM, Zhou W, Baig S, Walter SR, Buchsbaum RJ, Kuperwasser C, Walt DR. 2015. Ultra-sensitive protein detection via single molecule arrays towards early stage cancer monitoring. Sci Rep. 5: 11034.  books

Shah GL, Winn A, Lin PJ, Klein A, Sprague KA, Smith HP, Buchsbaum R, Cohen JT, Miller KB, Comenzo R, Parsons SK. 2015. Cost-effectiveness of autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for elderly patients with multiple myeloma using the SEER-Medicare database. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant. 21: 1823-1829. books

Arendt LM, Keller PJ, Skibinski A, Goncalves K, Naber SP, Buchsbaum RJ, Gilmore H, Come SE, Kuperwasser C. 2014. Anatomical localization of progenitor cells in human breast tissue reveals enrichment of uncommitted cells within immature lobules. Breast Cancer Res. 16: 453. books

Xu K, Buchsbaum RJ. 2012. Isolation of mammary epithelial cells from three-dimensional mixed-cell spheroid co-culture. J Vis Exp. 62: 3760.books

Liu J, Xu K, Chase M, Ji Y, Logan JK, Buchsbaum RJ. 2012. Tiam1-regulated osteopontin in senescent fibroblasts contributes to the migration and invasion of associated epithelial cells. J Cell Sci.125: 376-386. books

Xu K, Rajagopal S, Klebba I, Dong S, Ji Y, Liu J, Kuperwasser C, Garlick JA, Naber SP, Buchsbaum RJ. 2010. The role of fibroblast Tiam1 in tumor cell invasion and metastasis. Oncogene 29: 6533-6542. books

Rajagopal S, Ji Y, Xu K, Li Y, Wicks K, Liu J, Herman IM, Wong K-W, Isberg RR, and Buchsbaum RJ. 2010. Scaffold proteins IRSp53 and Spinophilin regulate localized Rac activation by Tiam1. J Biol Chem. 285: 18060-180671. books

Buchsbaum RJ. 2007. Rho activation at a glance. J Cell Sci. 120: 1149-1152. books

Connolly BA, Rice J, Feig LA, Buchsbaum RJ. 2005. Tiam1-IRSp53 complex formation directs specificity of rac-mediated actin cytoskeleton regulation. Mol Cell Biol 25:4602-4614. books

Buchsbaum RJ, Connolly BA, Feig LA. 2003. Regulation of p70 S6 kinase by complex formation between the Rac guanine nucleotide exchange factor (Rac-GEF) Tiam1 and the scaffold spinophilin. J Biol Chem 278:18833-18841. books

Buchsbaum RJ, Connolly BA, Feig LA. 2002. Interaction of Rac exchange factors Tiam1 and Ras-GRF1 with a scaffold for the p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase cascade. Mol Cell Biol 22:4073-4085. books

Feig LA, Buchsbaum RJ. 2002. Cell signaling: life or death decisions of ras proteins. Curr Biol 12:R259-R261. books

Buchsbaum R, Telliez JB, Goonesekera S, Feig LA. 1996. The N-terminal pleckstrin, coiled-coil, and IQ domains of the exchange factor Ras-GRF act cooperatively to facilitate activation by calcium. Mol Cell Biol 16:4888-4896. books

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