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Sinnathurai P, Lau W, Vieira de Ribeiro AJ, Bachovchin WW, Englert H, Howe G, Spencer D, Manolios N, Gorrell MD. 2016. Circulating fibroblast activation protein and dipeptidyl peptidase 4 in rheumatoid arthritis and systemic sclerosis. Int J Rheum Dis. Epub ahead of print.  books

Okondo MC, Johnson DC, Sridharan R, Go EB, Chui AJ, Wang MS, Poplawski SE, Wu W, Liu Y, Lai JH, Sanford DG, Arciprete MO, Golub TR, Bachovchin WW, Bachovchin DA. 2016. DPP8 and DPP9 inhibition induces pro-caspase-1-dependent monocyte and macrophage pyroptosis. Nat Chem Biol. 13: 46-53.  books

Coppage AL, Heard KR, DiMare MT, Liu Y, Wu W, Lai JH, Bachovchin WW. 2016. Human FGF-21 Is a substrate of fibroblast activation protein. PLoS One 11: e0151269.  books

Fan MH, Zhu Q, Li HH, Ra HJ, Majumdar S, Gulick DL, Jerome JA, Madsen DH, Christofidou-Solomidou M, Speicher DW, Bachovchin WW, Feghali-Bostwick C, Pur Eacute E. 2015. Fibroblast activation protein (FAP) accelerates collagen degradation and clearance from lung in mice. J Biol Chem. 291: 8070-8089.  books

Wong PF, Gall MG, Bachovchin WW, McCaughan GW, Keane FM, Gorrell MD. 2015. Neuropeptide Y is a physiological substrate of fibroblast activation protein: Enzyme kinetics in blood plasma and expression of Y2R and Y5R in human liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. Peptides. 75: 80-95. books

Han R, Wang X, Bachovchin W, Zukowska Z, Osborn JW. 2015. nhibition of dipeptidyl peptidase 8/9 impairs preadipocyte differentiation. Sci Rep. 5: 12348. books

Tomas E, Stanojevic V, McManus K, Khatri A, Everill P, Bachovchin WW, Habener JF. 2015. GLP-1(32-36)amide pentapeptide increases basal energy expenditure and inhibits weight gain In obese mice. Diabetes 64: 2409-2419. books

Williams KH, Viera de Ribeiro AJ, Prakoso E, Veillard AS, Shackel NA, Bu Y, Brooks B, Cavanagh E, Raleigh J, McLennan SV, McCaughan GW, Bachovchin WW, Keane FM, Zekry A, Twigg SM, Gorrell MD. 2015. Lower serum fibroblast activation protein shows promise in the exclusion of clinically significant liver fibrosis due to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in diabetes and obesity. Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 108: 466-472. books

Akopian T, Kandror O, Tsu C, Lai JH, Wu W, Liu Y, Zhao P, Park A, Wolf L, Dick LR, Rubin EJ, Bachovchin W, Goldberg AL. 2015. Cleavage specificity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis ClpP1P2 protease and identification of novel peptide substrates and boronate inhibitors with anti-bacterial activity. J Biol Chem. 290: 11008-11020. books

Bachovchin DA, Koblan LW, Wu W, Liu Y, Li Y, Zhao P, Woznica I, Shu Y, Lai JH, Poplawski SE, Kiritsy CP, Healey SE, DiMare M, Sanford DG, Munford RS, Bachovchin WW, Golub TR. 2014. A high-throughput, multiplexed assay for superfamily-wide profiling of enzyme activity. Nat Chem Biol. 10: 656-663. books

Donahue RN, Duncan BB, Fry TJ, Jones B, Bachovchin WW, Kiritsy CP, Lai JH, Wu W, Zhao P, Liu Y, Tsang KY, Hodge JW. 2014. A pan inhibitor of DASH family enzymes induces immunogenic modulation and sensitizes murine and human carcinoma cells to antigen-specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte killing: implications for combination therapy with cancer vaccines. Vaccine 32: 3223-3231. books

Keane FM, Yao TW, Seelk S, Gall MG, Chowdhury S, Poplawski SE, Lai JH, Li Y, Wu W, Farrell P, Vieira de Ribeiro AJ, Osborne B, Yu DM, Seth D, Rahman K, Haber P, Topaloglu AK, Wang C, Thomson S, Hennessy A, Prins J, Twigg SM, McLennan SV, McCaughan GW, Bachovchin WW, Gorrell MD. 2013. Quantitation of fibroblast activation protein (FAP)-specific protease activity in mouse, baboon and human fluids and organs. FEBS Open Bio. 4: 43-54. books

Heard KR, Wu W, Li Y, Zhao P, Woznica I, Lai JH, Beinborn M, Sanford DG, Dimare MT, Chiluwal AK, Peters DE, Whicher D, Sudmeier JL, Bachovchin WW. 2013. A general method for making peptide therapeutics resistant to serine protease degradation: Application to dipeptidyl peptidase IV substrates. J Med Chem. 56: 8339-8351. books

Connolly BA, O'Connell DP, Lamon-Fava S, Leblanc DF, Kuang YL, Schaefer EJ, Coppage AL, Benedict CR, Kiritsy CP, Bachovchin WW. 2013. The high-fat high-fructose hamster as an animal model for niacin's biological activities in humans. Metabolism 62: 1840-1849. books

Duncan BB, Highfill SL, Qin H, Bouchkouj N, Larabee S, Zhao P, Woznica I, Liu Y, Li Y, Wu W, Lai JH, Jones B, Mackall CL, Bachovchin WW, Fry TJ. 2013. A pan-inhibitor of DASH family enzymes induces immune-mediated regression of murine sarcoma and Is a potent adjuvant to dendritic cell vaccination and adoptive T-cell therapy. J Immunother. 36: 400-411. books

Poplawski SE, Lai JH, Li Y, Jin Z, Liu Y, Wu W, Wu Y, Zhou Y, Sudmeier JL, Sanford DG, Bachovchin WW. 2013. Identification of selective and potent inhibitors of fibroblast activation protein and prolyl oligopeptidase. J Med Chem. 56: 3467-3477.  books

Walsh MP, Duncan B, Larabee S, Krauss A, Davis JP, Cui Y, Kim SY, Guimond M, Bachovchin W, Fry TJ. 2013. Val-boroPro accelerates T cell priming via modulation of dendritic cell trafficking resulting in complete regression of established murine tumors. PLoS One 8: e58860.  books

Wu W, Liu Y, Milo LJ Jr, Shu Y, Zhao P, Li Y, Woznica I, Yu G, Sanford DG, Zhou Y, Poplawski SE, Connolly BA, Sudmeier JL, Bachovchin WW, Lai JH. 2012. 4-Substituted boro-proline dipeptides: synthesis, characterization, and dipeptidyl peptidase IV, 8, and 9 activities. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 22: 5536-5540.  books

Qin S, Kamanna VS, Lai JH, Liu T, Ganji SH, Zhang L, Bachovchin WW, Kashyap ML.  2012. Reverse D4F, an apolipoprotein-AI mimetic peptide, inhibits atherosclerosis in ApoE-null mice. J Cardiovasc Pharmacol Ther. 17: 334-343. books

Everill P, Sudmeier JL, Bachovchin WW. 2012. Direct NMR observation and pK(a) determination of the Asp(102) side chain in a serine protease. J Am Chem Soc.  134: 2348-2354. books

O'Connell DP, Leblanc DF, Cromley D, Billheimer J, Rader DJ, Bachovchin WW. 2012. Design and synthesis of boronic acid inhibitors of endothelial lipase. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 22: 1397-1401. books

Milo LJ, Lai JH, Wu W, Liu Y, Maw H, Li Y, Jin Z, Shu Y, Poplawski SE, Wu Y, Sanford DG, Sudmeier JL, Bachovchin WW. 2011. Chemical and biological evaluation of dipeptidyl boronic acid proteasome inhibitors for use in prodrugs and pro-soft drugs targeting solid tumors. J Med Chem. 54: 4365-4377. books

Poplawski SE, Lai JH, Sanford DG, Sudmeier JL, Wu W, Bachovchin WW. 2011. Pro-soft Val-boroPro: a strategy for enhancing in vivo performance of boronic acid inhibitors of serine proteases. J Med Chem. 54: 2022-2028. books

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