Richard Karas, MD, PhD

Richard Karas, MD, PhD

Elisa Kent Mendelsohn Professor of Medicine



BA, Ecology & Evolution, Johns Hopkins University
PhD, Biology, Harvard University
MD, Tufts University School of Medicine


Campus: Boston
Office: Tupper, 12th Floor
Laboratory: Tupper, 12th Floor

Contact Information

Office Phone: 617-636-8776
Lab Phone: 617-636-1441
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Graduate Programs

Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology


Research Synopsis

My major research interest is the effect of estrogen on the cardiovascular system. More specifically, my research focuses on the molecular pathways that mediate estrogen's direct effects on vascular cells. Recent studies have shown that estrogen receptors in vascular cells can be activated in several novel ways, including activation in the absence of estrogen. I also use whole animal, mouse models of cardiovascular diseases to study the effects of estrogen on the vascular system in vivo. Studies of estrogen's effects on the response to vascular injury, on myocardial infarction, and on cardiac electrophysiology are all ongoing.


Lab Members

Qing Lu, Assistant Professor Send an e-mail
Jin Zhao, Postdoctoral Scholar Send an e-mail  Lab Research Page

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