Mark Ewen, PhD


Associate Professor of Medicine



BS, Mathematics & Chemistry, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
PhD, Molecular Genetics, Cell Biology & Virology, University of Chicago
Postdoctoral Training, Dana Farber Cancer Institute


Campus: Boston
Office: 75 Kneeland, 12th Floor
Laboratory: 75 Kneeland, 12th Floor

Contact Information

Office Phone: 617-636-7023
Lab Phone: 617-636-7817
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Graduate Programs

Biochemistry, Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology, Genetics


Research Synopsis

The focus of our laboratory is to understand the role of cyclin D1 in tumorigenesis. Cyclin D1 is the second most frequently amplified oncogene in human cancer. In our effort to functionally dissect the mechanism of action for cyclin D1 in cancer, we discovered that overexpressed cyclin D1 activates a cdk-independent transcriptional program. Here, the transcription factor C/EBPβ was identified as the effector of cyclin D1. Ongoing efforts are directed toward determining how the cyclin D1-C/EBPβ pathway participates in breast cancer and other epithelial malignancies. Further, guided by the belief that understanding the normal function of cyclin D1 and C/EBPβ will provide insights into their oncogenic action, we are studying the role of cyclin D1’s C/EBPβ-dependent transcriptional function in mammary gland development.


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December 1: Basic Science Division PhD Programs

February 15: Building Diversity in Biomedical Sciences

March 31: Post-Baccalaureate Research Program

May 1: Clinical & Translational Science, MS in Pharmacology & Drug Development

June 15: Online Certificate in Fundamentals of Clinical Care Research