F Rob Jackson, PhD

Rob Jackson

Professor of Neuroscience



BA, Biology, Sonoma State College
PhD, Biology & Genetics, University of California, Los Angeles
Postdoctoral Training, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; The Rockefeller University


Campus: Boston
Office: Stearns 329
Laboratory: Arnold 305

Contact Information

Office Phone: 617-636-6752
Lab Phone: 617-636-3680
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Graduate Programs

Genetics, Neuroscience


Research Synopsis

Research in the Jackson lab is currently focused on glial-neuronal communication and its relevance to behavior, with a special emphasis on circadian behavior. Genetic or environmental insults affecting the circadian system result in alterations of sleep, seasonal depression and other neurological disorders. Our lab employs classical genetic approaches combined with gene profiling, cellular imaging and behavioral studies to understand the neural circuitry controlling rhythmic behaviors. In recent studies, we have shown that glial astrocytes of the brain are critical for normal rhythmicity and that they regulate the circadian neuronal circuitry (Suh and Jackson, 2007 Abstract in PubMed; Ng et al, 2011 Abstract in PubMed). Based on these findings, we are studying how this important group of brain cells interfaces with the neuronal circuitry controlling rhythmic behavior. Genome-wide and glial cell-specific expression profiling methods (Huang et al, 2013 Abstract in PubMed) are being employed to determine the complete complement of genes expressed in adult Drosophila glial cells. Cellular imaging studies coupled with genetic perturbations of glial factors will identify those relevant for glia-to-neuron communication or other aspects of glial physiology that affect behavior.


Lab Members

Mary Roberts, Research Technican Send an e-mail
Samantha You, PhD Student in Neuroscience Send an e-mail  Lab Research Page
Amy Yu, Postdoctoral Scholar Send an e-mail  Lab Research Page

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